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Happy Saturday!

I’ve been hard at work today getting some new listings up in my Etsy shop, and I’m excited to share them here! If you like anything you see, click the photo to be taken directly to the listing. And don’t forget to use the NEW code EYREEFFECT for 10% off any order!

Many of these items are from my own collection; things I’ve been hoarding because they are so beautiful and I keep them “just in case”. But it’s time to cultivate my closet with items that actually fit my body and my style. So, all you gorgeous 1950’s-1970’s maxi dresses, goodbye. May you find a new home with someone who can wear and love you!

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We Are Pirates | The BBRBF Book Club

We Are Pirates | eyreeffect.comWe Are Pirates |

Much like my day, this book was a disaster.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. In this sixth (?) installation of the BBRBF book club, don’t forget to read the reviews of Sara, Noelle, Lyndsey, Helene, and Katherine! Helene chose this month, although she had also suggested The Girl On the Train, but due to my library not having that in stock, We Are Pirates by Daniel Handler was on the board.

We Are Pirates |

As always, the synopsis, via Goodreads:

“A boat has gone missing. Goods have been stolen. There is blood in the water. It is the twenty-first century and a crew of pirates is terrorizing the San Francisco Bay.

Phil is a husband, a father, a struggling radio producer and the owner of a large condo with a view of the water. But he’d like to be a rebel and a fortune hunter.

Gwen is his daughter. She’s fourteen. She’s a student, a swimmer and a best friend. But she’d like to be an adventurer and an outlaw.

Phil teams up with his young, attractive assistant. They head for the open road, attending a conference to seal a deal.

Gwen teams up with a new, fierce friend and some restless souls. They head for the open sea, stealing a boat to hunt for treasure.

We Are Pirates! is a novel about our desperate searches for happiness and freedom, about our wild journeys beyond the boundaries of our ordinary lives.

Also, it’s about a teenage girl who pulls together a ragtag crew to commit mayhem in the San Francisco Bay, while her hapless father tries to get her home.”

We Are Pirates | eyreeffect.comWe Are Pirates |

I very much wanted to like this book. I desperately wanted to like this book.

The title seems clever, the premise is interesting, and it’s the same man who wrote as Lemony Snicket, which I love! And at first, it seemed that I would like it. Handler’s writing is dark and witty, two things I am usually drawn to. But the storyline… well. There is a sense of dirtiness to this book that makes it read like a teenage boy desperately trying to seem adult. As if Handler came away from writing A Series of Unfortunate Events and decided to force himself into the adult genre with references to naughty body parts and dirty secrets and blood. We Are Pirates | eyreeffect.comWe Are Pirates | And the more I read, the more I didn’t want to read.

Friends, reading a book that just makes me not want to read is a bad sign indeed. The grungy feel of the book intensified the further along it got, and once Gwen a fourteen year old girl accompanied by her teenage best friend, a shanghaied boy from her school, a senile old man, and a tired nurse from a nursing home actually steal a boat to terrorize the bay and then kill some people, it lost me entirely. Just read that sentence a few times and let it sink in. We Are Pirates |

On the other side of things is Phil Needle, Gwen’s dad, a man struggling to find his breakthrough in the industry, who takes a road trip with his assistant – whom he fantasizes about – and comes upon all sorts of mishaps as he tries to grasp at the strings of success. His story I could almost have gone along with, had he not been so… boring.

For someone who writes so wittily, Handler’s entire book just doesn’t happen. His prose is quite good. His storytelling? It’s a mess.

We Are Pirates |

This review almost didn’t happen.

After not enjoying the book, I found myself stumped for an outfit for two weeks. I wracked my brain for the perfect accompaniment to the cover, and found myself lacking. It wasn’t until last night that I finally settled on this skirt and top.

But then today, as life would have it: my kids had a rough two hours during which I spent 1.5 hours calming them alternatively, and only 30 minutes actually present at Bible Study. And then Asa removed his poopy diaper and sat on some things. And then a very large spider landed on my camera as I was shooting. And then Evie’s teething got worse and to top it all off¬† Lightroom updated and gives me a funky blue space in place of photo previews.

It is really a miracle that these photos came about at all. Thankfully, I have a preset that I can fall back on for sunlit photos, and I was able to just apply the preset, export the photos, and hope for the best.

We Are Pirates |

It’s fitting then that this post, and this book, were just a mess.

Instead of feeling entertained by witty writing that should have had me intrigued and inspired, I was bored and felt like nothing happened. They stole a boat, killed some people, she ran away, he had an affair, the grandpa is senile… and yet I could not force myself to be captivated.

And the storyline was a huge mess of not quite knowing how events and people were connected. I didn’t even realize that part of it was a flash forward until I read the other reviews and someone mentioned it. It was so discombobulated and attempting-to-add-plot-twists-all-the-time that I just got lost and tired of the story halfway through. We Are Pirates | At least I can say that I had one success today in getting dressed, yes?

When I started the day I thought I would have nothing to talk about in this post, yet here we are and I’ve written an entire review without trying. If you can call this a review, that is. It pains me to give such a bad review to an author that I loved so much for his other books, but such is life. You win some, you lose some. I feel bad as well to be so scathing towards a book that one of our wonderful BBRBF Book Club members chose, but she knows it’s not her fault the book was so bad!We Are Pirates | eyreeffect.comWe Are Pirates |

Perhaps the one good thing about this entire day, this post, and this book, was that I persisted and succeeded in putting together a post and a review and even a video. Things that, when I woke up, I did not think would happen.

Have you read We Are Pirates? What did you think?

Join us next month when we read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein! I can guarantee I’ll be posting something super fun and a little different than usual, it being October and all!

Skirt, thrifted | top, Amazon | Shoes, Amazon | headscarf and necklace, vintage

We Are Pirates |

We Are Pirates |

Strawberry skirt, red tights, and childhood memories

Berry Sweet | Berry Sweet |

The Strawberry Skirt

When I was little, my grandma had one book that I particularly loved. It was about a little mouse who found a strawberry and tried so hard to hide it from a big hungry bear. I don’t know why I loved that little book, but it stuck with me for years and years. One day, when I tried to find it, I discovered that my grandma had gotten rid of it (likely from too much use!) and I was heartbroken. I couldn’t remember the title or exactly what it was about, but somehow my mom found me a copy after all those years. This strawberry skirt embodies that little part of my childhood. It’s sweet, whimsical, and, of course, covered in berries!

Berry Sweet | When a friend of mine sent it to me earlier this month, I knew I needed to pair it with this brooch from Noelle at The Classy Junk; the two were meant to be! But I didn’t quite have the perfect top to debut this skirt with, so off it went to wait in my closet for that perfect moment. Then on Sunday, on that aforementioned thrifting trip, I found this top for two dollars and I knew I had my outfit. The sweet scallops, the perfect red, the vintage feel; it was everything I had wanted to pair with the strawberry skirt. Berry Sweet |

It’s funny how your childhood can subconsciously influence your life so strongly.

I never would have guessed that one little book could stick with me for so long, yet here I am at 28 with a strawberry-themed kitchen and a voracious love for anything vintage and strawberry print. It’s lucky that strawberries are so prevalent in the retro kitchen aesthetic. Kitschy and sweet are two things I really love, and two things that are strongly featured in my decorating style.

Berry Sweet | eyreeffect.comBerry Sweet | Berry Sweet | eyreeffect.comAnd my personal style, too, has a strong bent towards sweet and whimsical. I love novelty prints, especially when they are fruit-adjacent, and tend to go for an aesthetic that is rather feminine and darling than tough and edgy. While fall brings out the dark side in me and keeps things from getting too saccharine, I still aim for pretty and bright.Berry Sweet |

Lately, I have been working hard to figure out how to grow as a blogger.

I used to think that I wanted to be an author. Between the ages of 16-21 or so, my sole bent was to write. I wrote so much fiction, finished a few novels, started about a million more, participated in NaNoWriMo, and just felt in my heart that authoress was my destiny. But then life got in the way, and I no longer have the urge to write like I used to. I still love the idea of creating stories, but my love has evolved from the written word into pictures and blog posts.

And I think this is where I want to focus my efforts for now. It’s a bit scary and sad to say I’m putting writing by the wayside for the moment, but I think it’s the right decision. Blogging is very much a creative outlet for me, and I love creating outfits, photographing them, writing around them, and creating a narrative that is every bit as much visual as it is written. Berry Sweet | So, along with improving my photography here, I’ve been researching ways to grow my audience on social media. It’s not something all bloggers talk about, because you never want to seem like you’re crying out for attention. But, it’s an interesting subject to me. How to grow an online presence and turn what you love into something beneficial to you.

I recently started a little push to possibly work with a few brands by emailing them directly to ask about collaboration. It was a scary thing to do, because I know that I will get more rejections than acceptances (or worse, I’ll be ignored entirely), but it’s already proved profitable in one way: I now have a goal to work towards. One such brand kindly responded that they have a minimum threshold of Instagram or Facebook followers for all of their blogger collaborations. It’s a number far above what I have, and it seems so far off and unreachable at the moment, but having something to aim for is so helpful!Berry Sweet | eyreeffect.comBerry Sweet | I don’t ever want to blog just for the money or the things that I can get from it, but at the same time… why not make what I love work for me too?

So, if any of you have advice on running social media accounts, what you’ve done to gain presence and improve yourselves on Instagram or Facebook, or you want to know more yourself, please speak up! Don’t be afraid to ask me what I’m learning, and please let me know what you do to grow.

After all, falling into a rut is one of the worst things you can do for your self and what you love. I want to always be pushing myself to be better at what I do, and that starts now!

Skirt, Amazon (gift) | shoes, Modcloth (similar, same brand) | tights, Target (similar) | Headscarf, vintage | brooch, gift | belt and top, thrifted | Lipstick, Rimmel “Kiss Me You Fool”Berry Sweet |







Mustard Tights and a Turtleneck

Channeling Audrey | eyreeffect.comChanneling Audrey |

Today, I’m channeling Audrey Hepburn

And also a librarian. Perhaps her character in Funny Face when she first works at a bookstore, and has not yet turned into a fabulous muse. This weekend I made myself look solely at tops that were solid and neutral as I thrifted, because I am prone to choosing all of the colors and patterns and then having nothing to mix and match.

Not that I can’t mix and match patterns (I do it a lot), but sometimes a garment has me stumped and I just need some neutral, solid, dependable garments to expand the mixability of my wardrobe. And no, that isn’t a word. I just made it up. So, on my thrifting trip to buy all of the “boring” garments, I grabbed this turtleneck on a whim and was surprised to find how quickly I fell in love!Channeling Audrey | Channeling Audrey | I have always said I really prefer open necklines — scoop, vee, wide neck, slightly off the shoulder — because I feel like I have a bit of a short neck, and any high neckline will emphasize that. But this turtleneck is perfect. The neck itself is slim and stretchy, with very little drape to it so that it doesn’t widen my neck and make it appear short. The ribbing is so flattering and fits super well. And the fabric! So soft. Thank¬† you, Goodwill, for a $4 magic sweater. Channeling Audrey |

As the weather aligns more and more with fall, I’m realizing I am missing quite a few seasonal staples.

Tall boots, sweaters, and hats are three things I desperately need in my closet! Although, hats may not be a real staple, I always see them and think how cool they look. So my hope this fall is to incorporate hats. Vintage, modern, who knows. Just more hats! I’ve relied too much on scarves to keep my hair in line and my oufit interesting. It’s time to introduce a new head accessory!

Channeling Audrey | eyreeffect.comChanneling Audrey |

I also want to find more little bows and hair flowers to go with vintage hairstyles. I love the way Miss Victory Violet looks in all of her glorious hair flowers, and several bloggers just look perfect with pretty bows in their hair. It’s time to change up what I do!

Channeling Audrey |

Are you excited for tights-weather?

I am. I know. I keep going on and on about fall, but I can’t help it! It got too hot later in the day to keep these tights on, but for one glorious morning I was able to wear tights and a sweater and feel deliciously cozy as the air was crisp around me. I noticed the other day that I feel so much more myself wearing tights and layers.I look back at my archives of style on Pinterest and notice that I am so much more drawn to my outfits that feature tights and cardigans and scarves. Give me a cozy outfit, a good book, and a cup of coffee or tea, and I am set for the year. Just leave me in fall forever. Channeling Audrey | eyreeffect.comcollage I realized as I was putting this blog post together I forgot to take a close up with my glasses on. Today, since I was channeling Audrey Hepburn, I did my makeup to emulate this photo, and wanted to get a good shot of that. And then… well, no glasses shot! But you’ve all seen my glasses before, so there’s nothing new there.

I hope you have all had a good start to your week! I’m off to search for the perfect pair of knee-high boots as I build my fall staples. What are you doing in this glorious season? (Has it reached you yet?)

Skirt (vintage), top, and heels, thrifted | brooch, vintage | tights, TargetChanneling Audrey |









Fairytale Collars

Fairytale Collars |

Fairytale Collars

I have been an avid fan of Fairytale Collars on Instagram for quite some time, but mostly lurking in the background wishing I could be as creative as she is, and wishing I had the funds to purchase a beautiful accessory! Then out of the blue (to me) she sent me a message asking if she could make me a collar. Hello, dreams come true! We chatted back and forth about what I liked, and after sending her a few photos of the collars she had made that spoke to me, I told her to surprise me. The result could not have been more perfect!

Fairytale Collars | As soon as I received the collar, I did a flatlay for Instagram of an outfit I thought would be absolutely perfect with the collar. But then I put on the outfit, and the sweater was just… blah. It was a sweater I had purchased at a bag sale, didn’t try on, just liked the general shape and colors, and… well, it was donated for a reason.

This skirt jumped out at me next, though, and as soon as I had the skirt in mind the shirt was an immediate choice, and the outfit was complete!

Fairytale Collars | eyreeffect.comFairytale Collars | eyreeffect.comFairytale Collars | The collar is very sturdy, for which I am thankful! It doesn’t feel like little fingers could rip the flowers off, which was my only concern when I first put it on; however she makes them, she makes them super durable! And, for having mailed it to me all the way from the UK, it came so fast! I’m impressed with the speed of its arrival.

I’m already planning to perhaps request another collar that I can purchase, because I need more of these in my life!Fairytale Collars |

Things like this inspire me to be more creative.

I already sew myself skirts (and a dress I have yet to debut. It has issues.) but I want to create more accessories. Hats, flower crowns, veils, brooches, shoe clips, sweater clips… the list could go on and on, really. I’m itching to exercise my creative side, which has long been dormant in the business of life. If I could get my outfits to be majorly thrifted and self-made, that would be fantastic! Although, I’m never against purchasing a good quality garment from the major repro sources.Fairytale Collars | I’ve also got an itch to make some decorations for my house, since, if you didn’t notice from my last few posts, fall has hit here in Washington and I need some fall decor! I’ve made one thing already, but you’d be surprised what you can do with some paint, some cardboard, and a lot of hot glue!

And, glitter. Always glitter. Fairytale Collars | eyreeffect.comFairytale Collars |

Do you make your own decorations? Tell me what you’ve made recently!

Happy Monday!

Collar: gift from Fairytale Collars | Skirt, gift from Hannah | shoes, Amazon | shirt and purse, thrifted Fairytale Collars |