Think Pink || A Valentine’s Day Inspired Look feat Lindy Bop

Last week, when I decided to shoot some Valentine’s day looks in preparation for both deciding what I wanted to wear on the actual holiday and also making a Valentine lookbook, I had no idea just how much I would fall in love with every outfit. I originally planned to post all four looks in one post, but I think these deserve their own blog posts because… oh my word. I am not exaggerating when I say I haven’t felt this cute in months and months.

There’s just something about pink and red!

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Subtle Romance with Karina Dresses

 The season of love is upon us! I know many people don’t particularly celebrate or care about Valentine’s day, but as a romantic at heart I can’t help but be swept up with excitement every time February rolls around. When I was little, my mom would set up little Valentines and treats at each place for us kids, so we never felt left out or alone. I grew up thinking Valentine’s day as a day you told anyone you loved that you loved them, not just the romantic mushy things for adults. So you can imagine my surprise when I got to adulthood and discovered so many people hold a distaste for Valentine’s day.

Whether it’s the commercialism, the seeming exclusiveness for romantic partners, or maybe just a general hate for love (ha! just kidding), many people come away from Valentine’s day disappointed. And thus, Galentines day and every other iteration of non-romantic, platonic celebrations (usually with copious amounts of chocolate and sappy movies) comes to the rescue. Whether you celebrate the holiday as a romantic one, or a platonic one, I hope you find yourself feeling loved this month!

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Waterfall: a novella by… yours truly

Today is an exciting day. Today is the day you can finally actually buy one of my (short) books, and I didn’t think it would be as exciting as it is.

At the beginning of this month, I decided to self-publish a novella I had written nine years ago. One of my friends suggested doing this, and keeping my “bigger” novels for traditional publishing as traditional publishing is my dream but I also liked the idea of sharing something, anything, through self-publishing. When she put that spark into my head, I realized: I wrote a novella nine years ago, a complete story that is 22,000 words… so why not self publish? Utilizing Amazon KDP, I garnered the help of my friend Sarah to proofread, set about making the tiny changes a nine-year-old story will always need, designed a cover… and here we are.

I didn’t think self-publishing would be this exciting. Self-publishing, in my mind, wasn’t for serious authors. Authors who really absolutely loved writing. Authors like me, who write generally sweeping romantic historical dramas… self-publishing was what, in my mind, I would have to do if traditional publishing failed. And I don’t know why I thought that, because it feels almost every bit as official and exciting as it would any other way.

So here I am, finally able to say “yes, you can buy my book for your bookshelf, and see my name in print!” Or, if you’re not a physical book person, get it on your Kindle. When I got the proof version in the mail, it was a giant thrill to see my name on the cover. My name, printed right there, on a semi-official looking cover (designed using an image from and Amazon’s own book cover designer), in my hands, attached to pages that I wrote years and years ago.

Waterfall is a short love story and mystery set in the late 1800s midwest. It follows the story of Delilah Sutton, a woman who has been ostracized from the small town where she and her mother lived, and Jonas Avery, a common horse thief whose life is on the line. As their lives connect in an unexpected way… well, I’m not going to write an entirely new book summary just for this post. Go read it on Amazon, decide if you like how that sounds… and maybe buy the book.

Or don’t. (But no, please do!)

Thank you for supporting me in all of the ways you all do! I genuinely would never have come to a place where I would be confident to put myself out there in this way if it was not for you.

How to Get 1940’s Hair in 20 Minutes

If you are like me, you likely don’t want to spend more than ten minutes on your hair every day. So what if I tod you that you can put in ten minutes of effort a day to get hair like the glamorous women of the 1940’s? What if I told you even a pregnant mother of toddlers can get this hair done without chaos reigning while she sets and styles her hair? And what if I told you… it’s so easy you can just sleep on it?

Because I’m about to tell you all of that, and how. 

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Inspired by Outlander

Most of my life, I have been drawn to the wild romance of the Scottish and Irish historic fiction novels, and most recently via a friend, I’ve discovered the show Outlander. Set in both 1940’s and 1700’s Scotland, it follows the story of Claire Beauchamp, an Englishwoman who finds herself transported from her modern times right after the war to the time of the Jacobite rising in Scotland. I won’t say too much about it in case you need to read or watch for yourself, but I will say… if you prefer cleaner shows, read the books instead. While the books do hint at scenes here and there, what I’ve read so far is much less risque than the show, where there are scenes that definitely need skipping.

But being as I have tartan and plaid on the mind (although, when do I not? I’ve always been addicted) I was absolutely delighted to find a long red cape at Goodwill with beautiful red plaid lining.

And then I got home and discovered that it was not lining at all. This cape is 100% reversible. 

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