The BBRBF Book Club: Frankenstein

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Frankenstein (or, The Modern Prometheus)

This month, for the BBRBF Book Club, we decided to go with a creepy classic. Don’t forget to check out Helene, Sara, Katherine, and Noelle‘s blogs for their reviews, and join us next month when we read Not Working by Lisa Owens.

I won’t bother with a synopsis this month, as I am sure nearly everyone at least knows what Frankenstein’s Monster is! Before I get into my review — if it really will be a review, as I have a hard time reviewing classics — I’ll explain my outfit.

When I first heard the group decision to read Frankenstein, I had grand ideas of myself playing Frankenstein’s Monster, and my husband playing Frankenstein. I wanted to do a whole scene of me coming to life, my husband portraying Frankenstein’s awe and then fear, the whole shebang. But as life goes, I didn’t realize that October was passing quite so fast as it did. Last week came upon me far too swiftly, I was sick for an entire week, it rained for an entire week, and suddenly it was Monday and we had to shoot something now.

So instead of playing part in my tableau, my husband manned behind the scenes and ran a fog machine and the camera instead, to give my photos that extra eerie quality I wanted.

Frankenstein | However, we only had a short hour or less to capture photos, as it was after my husband got off work, and we had an hour of light left.

So, while it may look like I’m portraying the Bride of Frankenstein, I was, in twenty minutes time, attempting to achieve a sort of… Pinup Monster mashup. Which sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I think I achieved it in a rudely fashioned sort of way. I combined the Monster’s trademark scarred forehead with the Bride’s striking white streak of hair with a patchwork cheek to symbolize the Monster’s own patchwork body. And here we are!  Frankenstein |

And the outfit is, as you can see, inspired by a dark pinup. I added my new Orchard Corset underneath to give myself a bit more structure, and decided that instead of adding a scarf to my hair as per usual, I would wear a scarf around my neck. Perhaps this pinup Monster is hiding the scar that binds her head to her body.

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As for my review, well.

I adore classic books for one reason: the language. The prose of older novels is so elegant, so beautiful; every word truly provokes thought (and, quite often, usage of my online dictionary for a definition) and creates rich scenery. I was slightly put off by how much backstory there is of Frankenstein’s parents and adopted sister, and how the book begins with a completely unrelated character.

It’s a common theme that I have noticed; Dracula is told through the eyes of various other characters, and I feel as though I’ve read several other classics whose tales begin with someone narrating the story as told to them by the main character. You can feel the difference in communication at the time. Letter writing was how you kept in touch with your loved ones, therefore letter writing plays a large part in so many plot points or storytelling ways.

Frankenstein |

Sara covered it adequately when she mentioned that things happen quite suddenly. Suddenly, Frankenstein made a monster. Suddenly, it’s alive. It runs away and somehow in the span of a year learns English and how people live. Of course the entire premise of the book is a bit ridiculous, but I find that to be the beauty of it.  It was an era when the fantastic could be believable; when fairytales were a possibility, when belief was not shot down by scientific reason.

I’ll be honest: I miss the days before the masses were so focused on getting realism. Before stories had to be absolutely scientifically accurate. Before movies had to be so gritty and anchored in what could really happen. I am a big fan of 80’s era movies and TV shows for that very reason: ET and Indiana Jones and The Goonies and MacGyver weren’t ridiculous, they were transportational. People weren’t worried about how unrealistic it was for a bunch of kids to discover a pirate ship on the Oregon coast, or how horrible of an archaeologist Jones was, or how ridiculous it was for three kids to hide an alien in their bedroom. Or how it really wasn’t possible to disarm a bomb with a paper clip.  Frankenstein |

Or, how absolutely unreal it was for a scientist to bring a body to life and then have that monster become intelligent to the max all by himself.

While the story might have some plot points that need explaining and overall the unrealistic methods could use some updating, what I love about classic novels is the language. The richness and the time that the authors take to thoroughly portray the background of the characters and the surroundings and the beauty of their time… I’m always blown away by that. I could get lost solely in the prose and the archaic terms. And that is why I will forever love Frankenstein.

Skirt and belt, vintage/thrifted | top, Amazon | corset, c/o Orchard Corsets | shoes, Amazon | Brooch, Circa AD

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Fall Florals and a Big Hat

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Fall Florals

Every year, I start to feel myself turning more and more towards darker tones as the weather begins to cloud over and the days get shorter. On my most recent vintage-hunting trip, I found this dress mashed into the rack of Forever21 and H&M flimsy frocks at my local Goodwill, and I snagged it immediately. Upon my quick once-over, it appeared to be vintage. It has a metal zipper, the fabric feels like 1970’s polyester, and the style is very retro. I intended to list it on my Etsy shop when I got home.

But then I started to notice small things that make me think perhaps it’s a modern homemade garment.

Fall Florals |

The pattern along the seams up the front doesn’t match or flow. It’s not always, but usually vintage garments tend to pattern-match at the seams, or at the very least be sewn together in a way that minimizes the visibility of the seam. As well, the finishing on the inside of the garment — which can be a very telling thing on what era it’s from as well as whether it’s vintage or not — is not as meticulous as the finish on a vintage dress should be. And, a small thing, the band of fabric around the neckline would, on a vintage garment, probably be seam binding rather than the fold-over-and-sew finish that it has.

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I am still learning as a vintage hunter.

These accidental grabs happen far and few between these days, but sometimes my love for dark fall florals and 1970’s-esque polyester trips up my vintage-sense. It’s a good thing that secretly, I had hoped to keep this dress all along! If you have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that floral on a black background is my ultimate favorite floral. And the colors of this dress are so perfect for the season! If I could live in fall florals, I would.

Fall Florals | eyreeffect.comFall Florals | eyreeffect.comFall Florals |

This dress just goes to prove how much I have learned over the last few years. Before I had my Etsy shop — which is where I began to learn the tells of a vintage garment — I would have thought this was a vintage dress. I wouldn’t have known to check the finish, that overlocking can date a garment, that the placement of the zipper can help determine the era of the dress. I wouldn’t have known to check for seam binding, types of lining, certain stitches, fabric types. I would have assumed the metal zipper, general good quality, and feel of fabric dated it well enough, and left it at that.

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And, while the dress isn’t vintage, the purse and brooch are!

I think part of the essence of my blog is showcasing outfits that have a good mix of modern and vintage to create something timeless. While I adore bloggers who wear entirely vintage, and also bloggers who create that very popular pinup-housewife look with modern reproductions, I have never felt like I fit into either category. Labels aren’t really necessary, but I love to have a category. Mine, I hope, falls into the “Classic Style” category.

What do you feel is the essence of your blog?

Dress, belt, vintage purse, and vintage brooch, thrifted | hat and tights, Target | boots, Amazon

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Fall Florals |

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Vintage Heart Pattern Cape

Heart on My Sleeve | eyreeffect.comHeart on My Sleeve |

I have always been a big romantic.

When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a ballerina, a writer, and a wife and mother. I wrote stories about grand adventures, about maidens and princesses, and about true love. My favorite movies were all classic romances: Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Oklahoma!, The Philadelphia Story. Beauty and the Beast came out when I was four, and captivated me immediately. And as I grew older, I only continued to hone my romance novelist skills and fall in love with more and more grand stories.

So it’s no surprise that when Emily sent me a photo of this cape and asked if I wanted it, I immediately exclaimed “yes!”

Heart on My Sleeve |

If ever there was an item of clothing that had my personality literally woven into its fabric, this is it. The colors are so bold, the cape itself unusual to see worn, and the hearts! Oh, the hearts. If I had not already been wearing my heart on my sleeve, now it is obvious. I am covered in the evidence of my inner romantic.

Heart on My Sleeve | eyreeffect.comHeart on My Sleeve |

As October begins, my plans are unfolding.

I have had the idea to present a few weeks of fairytale- or character-inspired outfits this month, and am searching my closet for things that I own that can play a part. I already have a Disney Princess in mind, a character from Alice in Wonderland, and perhaps someone Doctor Who inspired. Of course, this month’s BBRBF Book Club book will also play part in my two weeks of costumes. I am so excited for that one; I’ve convinced my husband to feature in that post with me, but I don’t want to give too much away!

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I also have some good plans for my YouTube channel!

As of late, I’ve only been posting OOTD videos. But I would really like to get my voice back into my videos, and I am hoping sometime this week I’ll be able to put up more than just my outfits. We shall see! I really enjoy doing the OOTD videos; I feel as though they’re the easiest thing to do on my own. I don’t have any special lights and our cameras are very professional ones, so setting anything up inside takes some work! But I am determined to do it sometime this month. Heart on My Sleeve | eyreeffect.comHeart on My Sleeve |

Of course, with it being full into fall weather here now, I also have many plans to curl up on the couch with some good books, grab myself a cup of coffee, and get my reading on! I always feel more in the bookish mood when it’s fall. Perhaps the gloomy weather encourages me to put my feet up and not worry about stepping outside. As I write, it is the epitome of a Washington fall outside: the leaves are wet with fresh rain, the ground is covered with rust colored leaves, the world is misty and gray, and a squirrel is dashing about the driveway in search of its mate.

While many people might find this weather depressing, I find it relaxing. Beyond the mist, the sun still shines bright behind clouds, and promises to come out in the later afternoon. Perhaps I love this weather because there is something romantic about its dark, oppressive nature. After all, most great romances find their scenes evolving in storms and rain, kisses stolen under the clouds, eyes equated to a stormy sea, tears like raindrops.

Heart on My Sleeve | eyreeffect.comHeart on My Sleeve |

So, give me a misty day and I’ll be happy.

What are you doing today to enjoy the season wherever you live?

Cape, Bread and Roses Vintage | Skirt, vintage | shirt, Walmart | belt, thrifted | brooch, antique | boots, Amazon | tights, Target | purse, gift from Sara at In a Nutshell Blog

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Roses and Rot + Orchard Corsets

Heads up! Orchard Corsets sent me a corset as a gift, but all opinions are my very own. Roses and Rot | eyreeffect.comRoses and Rot |

Roses and Rot

It’s time for another book review! I haven’t done a non-BBRBF book  club review in quite a while because… time gets away from me. But Roses and Rot, by Kat Howard, was so incredible that I read it every moment I could and when it came to the end, I could not put it down!

As always, the summary:

Imogen and her sister Marin have escaped their cruel mother to attend a prestigious artists’ retreat, but soon learn that living in a fairy tale requires sacrifices, be it art or love.

What would you sacrifice in the name of success? How much does an artist need to give up to create great art?

Imogen has grown up reading fairy tales about mothers who die and make way for cruel stepmothers. As a child, she used to lie in bed wishing that her life would become one of these tragic fairy tales because she couldn’t imagine how a stepmother could be worse than her mother now. As adults, Imogen and her sister Marin are accepted to an elite post-grad arts program—Imogen as a writer and Marin as a dancer. Soon enough, though, they realize that there’s more to the school than meets the eye. Imogen might be living in the fairy tale she’s dreamed about as a child, but it’s one that will pit her against Marin if she decides to escape her past to find her heart’s desire.”

Roses and Rot |

This is Kat Howard’s debut novel.

When I picked it up, I knew this was her debut, and I wasn’t expecting it to be that amazing. But I was blown away. Imogen and her sister Marin escape an abusive mother to go to a school for extremely talented artists. Marin’s talent is dancing. Imogen writes fairy-tales. Throughout their childhood, Marin was the favorite child, and their mother did everything in her power to destroy Imogen’s confidence and skills, even going so far as to burn her dominant hand so badly she had to teach herself to write with her other hand. She was, in a word, horrific.

Thus, Imogen dreams of escaping into a fairy-tale, where everything ends happily ever after and everyone has a chance to escape the evil villains. Little does she know that Melete holds a secret far closer to her dreams than she could ever have imagined, but it’s a dark secret and one that threatens to tear her relationship with her sister apart.

Roses and Rot | eyreeffect.comRoses and Rot |

I can’t even find the words to tell you how much I adored this book, and how riveted I was. I stayed up until nearly midnight finishing the last chapters, because I could not put it down. It was just the sort of dark, romantic, Gothic novel I adore, with that hint of fairy-tale that becomes full blown toward the end. It’s the type of novel that inspires me to write. It’s the type of novel I wish I could write. Roses and Rot | eyreeffect.comRoses and Rot |

Now on to the outfit

A few weeks ago, Orchard Corsets reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in a collaboration. I had just started researching waist-training corsets, and through a few emails Amber helped me choose the best corset for what I want — something I could wear over or under clothes, that will help me waist train and also fit my body shape best.

Roses and Rot | eyreeffect.comRoses and Rot | I knew I wanted to debut this corset in a special way. After finishing Roses and Rot, I knew this post would be perfect. I wanted to emulate a little bit of Faerie in my outfit, with some glitter and pale brows and dark lips, and a deer’s head brooch for Gavin — the king of the fairies who has horns in Fae — and a swan skirt for another faerie mentioned who is part bird. The corset really helps push the outfit even more into fairy-tale land.

While I haven’t gotten this corset entirely seasoned to my body, and realized after taking these photos that I hadn’t gotten it properly laced in the back, I love the way it feels already and I am excited to get it to the point where I can wear it daily!

Roses and Rot |

If you are new to corseting, I would definitely recommend Orchard Corsets!

Amber’s help was essential in getting me properly fitted; I sent her my measurements, and she recommended a few that would work best on me. We eventually settled on this satin 426 short as I have a shorter torso, and satin looks best under clothes. If you want to know more about fitting a corset and what to choose, definitely check out their links on which style to buy!

And this page on Corsets 101 has all the information you could ever need.

Roses and Rot | eyreeffect.comRoses and Rot |

In short, this post is full of two really awesome things

A beautiful corset from Orchard Corsets, and one of my new favorite books by Kat Howard. I look forward to aquiring more corsets (this plaid one!) and reading more of Kat’s books whenever she publishes more!

Happy October!

Skirt, (old) Choies | shirt, thrifted | corset sent to me from Orchard Corsets | boots, Amazon | brooch (old) Oasap same here | flower crown, self-made | lipstick, NYX Stone Fox

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Jane Eyre Pin, Neck Bows, and Plaid

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A Modern Jane Eyre

Every year, when the air is crisp and the leaves are golden, I pull out my favorite novel and read it through. As you know by the name of this blog, that book is Jane Eyre. It’s the perfect romance to curl up with by the fire, sipping hot coffee and letting my imagination wander back to a different time and place, putting myself in Jane’s shoes, as I always have, and letting the Gothic story inspire me again and again.

This year, I was reminded of my need to re-read my favorite novel when a friend sent me this absolutely perfect Jane Eyre pin.

A Modern Jane Eyre | eyreeffect.comA Modern Jane Eyre | My heart was aflutter upon seeing this lovely gift in my mail. I could not wait to wear it, and what more perfect time to pin it to my collar than when I am imagining what Jane Eyre might have worn, were she to live in our time (and have my wardrobe)?

I thrifted this top a few weeks ago at a bag sale. At the time, I grabbed it solely for the collar, never thinking I would really wear it with the bow attached. But when I put on the outfit without the bow, it seemed just a little bare so it went back on. A Modern Jane Eyre |

And if Jane Eyre lived now, maybe she would do without the bow.

Most likely, she would wear an entirely plain top. And certainly not heels! She was one for simple garb, with nothing fancy, nothing garish, everything sensible. Still, even in her simple tastes, she loved pretty things. Her practical nature might disapprove of these heels, which had my feet aching after an hour walking in them, but a good sturdy button up top and a skirt with pockets large enough for modern necessities would certainly be in her wardrobe!

A Modern Jane Eyre | eyreeffect.comA Modern Jane Eyre |

And how perfect is this pin for book lovers?

Now that I have the one, I’m probably going to fill my pin and brooch wardrobe with so many more of these pins!  Ideal Bookshelf has so many amazing book pins. I am dying to get my hands on Alice in Wonderland and Pride and Prejudice as well! I’m thinking I also need to get myself this mug, which has classic novels of the 1800’s printed on it. I am so in love!A Modern Jane Eyre | eyreeffect.comA Modern Jane Eyre |

And of course, since I am wearing an outfit fit for a modern Jane, I thought I should pull out all of my prettiest classic novels to act as props. I might just be doing outfits inspired by each of these books in October, for Halloween costume ideas!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Monday!

Everything thrifted except for the book pin, which is from Ideal Bookshelffinal-28 A Modern Jane Eyre |