Mixing polka-dots, Lotty Dotty Vintage, and Ariel flats

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Seeing Double

As the weather changes, I have noticed my wardrobe preferences changing too. Throughout the colder months, I gravitate towards dresses; one-piece items that I can throw on over tights, under a coat, with a cardigan. Easy outfits, that don’t require a lot of thought to stay warm and look fashionable.

And then warm weather comes, and I start to want to wear my skirts and tops again. I itch for sleeveless, for open necklines, for flowing skirts. When I got this polka dot top from Lotty Dotty Vintage, it was a no-brainer to pair it with one of my favorite skirts (polka dots and pleats, what’s not to love?). Seeing Double | eyreeffect.com

This outfit feels like the epitome of summer, to me. Its navy, red, and white color scheme pays homage to the nautical, the polka dots are playful, the fabrics are light, and it’s perfect for warmer days spent playing in the sun. On this particular day, I had intended to wear my favorite wedge sandals, but to my dismay they broke as I started to take photos. So, my newly-purchased Ariel flats were a perfect stand in.

Of course, since we were at my parents’ house, I spent a lot of that time without shoes entirely. There’s something in me that cannot wear shoes when it’s warm, when there’s fresh grass to cushion my steps, when the air is humming with whispers of summer and the foliage is so green it’s dreamy.

Seeing Double | eyreeffect.comSeeing Double | eyreeffect.comIn the country is where I am happiest.

I love to be surrounded by farm life. Someday, I hope we find a house in the country, where we can plant a big garden, have chickens and cats and dogs (and maybe goats), and let our kids run free in the tall grass and shaded woodlands. I think that Washington’s coast has some of the prettiest farmland around. Nestled away in the foothills of the mountains, we are close to water that adds a lushness to the countryside, with snowy peaks of mountaintops visible in the skyline and trees lining the wild fields of flowers.   Seeing Double | eyreeffect.com

Give me country over cities any day, and I’ll be happy forever!

Seeing Double | eyreeffect.com Seeing Double | eyreeffect.com

Top and earrings, Lotty Dotty Vintage | skirt, vintage/thrifted | shoes, Torrid (via BST group) | Belt, from SaraSeeing Double | eyreeffect.com



Thrifted skirt, book pins, and taking a step back

A Season of Gray

Lately, I have not been feeling myself. I don’t know if it’s the season (this muddy spring weather is not my favorite), the time of life (having two kids under three can be exhausting), or the weight gain (after Evie, I kept all of the baby weight and gained five more pounds), but these last few months my blog is taking the brunt of whatever this is.

I photographed this post a full two months ago, and I have seven other posts that haven’t even seen the light of day yet! It’s been all I can do lately to drum up one blog post a week, as much as I want to get them posted, as much as I love photographing and getting dressed… something is just off.

But, as always, I’ll push through! Perhaps I need to get those 7 other posts scheduled and take a month off blogging. Perhaps it’s just a season of not loving the weather. I suspect it likely has to do with that last reason, though, and not feeling comfortable with the body I’m currently in. A 50lb weight gain in 4 years is a lot to adjust to, especially when most of the weight came on in half that time.

This also seems to be the season of a few odd and off-putting interactions online, and while I always try to take what people say with a grain of salt and understanding, lately it’s been hard. It’s been hard to separate the things that really matter from the things that are inconsequential.

I am a people-pleaser. I want people to like me. But as an introvert, it’s also an exhausting thing. Being openly disliked, being criticized, having to make decisions about who I should let be part of my life and when it’s okay to step back from friendships. I love the online community and all of the opportunities this blog has afforded me, but at the end of last year it came to a point where I felt so much pressure to perform well, and was being barraged with some highly negative things, and I felt a bit burned out. Even now, four or five months after the worst of it, little things still pop up.

I am the type of person to curl up in a ball and hide myself away until things pass, and as an adult… I can’t do that.

I know I normally keep this blog fairly light and happy, but today, it’s hard. The last week has been extremely taxing in so many ways, and I just need a break. So, hopefully with a little more work, I’ll be able to get the next 4 weeks scheduled out, and just relax for a bit.

We Love Colors Part Deux

On that note, I have to mention these tights!

This second pair of We Love Colors tights is my favorite over the other one. As I had mentioned about two months ago, they sent me one from regular sizing, and one pair from the plus size section. As a big-hipped and thick-thighed person, these, which are plus size, fit so much better. They pull up to my chest (over my chest, if I try hard enough, ha!) and don’t ride down at ALL. It’s pretty hard to find tights that don’t ride this way and that, and I’m impressed by this pair! Plus, they’re super soft and comfortable, and the color is true to what is shown online.  

And I also have to mention this AMAZING bag, which a friend of mine sent me! It has been the perfect replacement for my old purse, which fell apart after a few uses. It is so soft and well made, and has the cutest front. I can’t believe she sent it my way! It’s just perfect.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be working hard to get all seven posts scheduled and ready so that there is no down-time while I’m on a break.

Thank you, always, for reading and commenting and hanging out on this space of mine. I hope that I can get back to feeling myself, and blogging a bit more regularly! I miss it dearly.

PS Today the BBRBF Book Club gals are reviewing Caraval, which I didn’t get in time. Don’t forget to check Sara, Laci, Noelle, Kat, Justyna, and Helene for their reviews.

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Floral Vintage Dress, an Enid Collins Twin, and a Vintage Day Out

A Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.com A Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.com

Cooper of California

Last weekend, my best friend took me out for lunch and a vintage shopping adventure for my birthday. I always feel like I have to dress vintage to go to actual vintage boutiques, so I wore this gorgeous 1950’s day dress from A Petite Flower Vintage, my new favorite purse that belonged to my great-uncle’s aunt, and a bracelet that I think may be vintage.

After visiting one vintage store (whose items were incredibly reasonably priced — I got a perfect-condition 1950’s dress for $24, and my BFF bought me another for $28), we decided to go to a second one that had been recommended to Ashton by a friend who knows she loves vintage. Almost as soon as we walked in, the proprietor — an older woman who seemed to be more in love with the knowledge of her vintage items than the beauty of the garments themselves — eyed my purse and confidently said, “oh, that’s an Enid Collins purse.”

When I shook my head and told her that it wasn’t, she doubtfully eyed me, and then took the purse from my hands. A Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.com

Patiently, I let her inspect the design, and showed her the stamp inside that clearly read “Cooper of California.” I pointed out that it was not signed “Enid Collins” when she brushed me off saying that Cooper of California could have just been where it was sold, and she shook her head before finally reluctantly agreeing that it wasn’t Enid Collins, but a very good duplicate.

This is where internally I was frustrated. I have heard my vintage-loving friends say that often people assume they know nothing about the era from which they dress, but this was the first time I’ve encountered it myself.

A Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.comA Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.com

We walked into this vintage store, and I was dressed thus – in a 1950’s dress, with a vintage hairstyle, carrying a vintage purse whose history I readily explained to the woman. And still she brushed off my knowledge and remarked “oh, two girls all dressed up to go shopping,” as if we likely didn’t dress like this normally. Which, both of us do dress vintage or vintage-like as often as we can, and I wish I had said that initially.

I know that I look younger than I am, which probably made the woman think I was playing dress up in some old clothes I found at a thrift store. But the assumption from an older person that a young person cannot be well-versed in a historical era is pretty frustrating. In my mind, it should have been obvious that I probably knew what I was talking about – from the way I was dressed to mentioning that I own a closet full of vintage to my being able to identify a purse as not authentic Enid Collins when a vintage-store-owner herself couldn’t tell. A Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.com

Perhaps I was also thrown off by the fact that, instead of  handing me back my purse when she was done inspecting it, she turned away and set it on her desk.

It may have been an absent-minded move, but it’s a little off-putting to have someone take your personal property, inspect it, and then set it on a nearby surface as if it doesn’t belong to you. She seemed pretty absent-minded as it was, more intent on explaining her store and vintage items and showing us some of the impressive things she had, flitting here and there as she remembered yet another dress she wanted to show us. All in all, we did enjoy perusing her shop. But I left wishing I had spoken up for myself and my knowledge a bit more.

A Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.com

For The Love of Vintage

I was sharing earlier this morning on Facebook how much I love vintage, not just for the pretty clothes. I love the history. I love replicating styles and knowing exactly which year from which they hail. I love imagining what the woman who owned my dress in the past might have been like. Perhaps she made it herself; perhaps she bought it from a catalogue after much deliberation; perhaps she wore it shopping with pride, reveling in her beautiful new dress.

Owning vintage that belonged to my relatives makes it that much more special. I have a dress that belonged to my great-grandmother, which is possibly as old as the 1930’s, a bunch of earrings that belonged to my dad’s mom, a top and shorts set that belonged to my mom’s mom, and will eventually own some capes that belonged to my great-aunt. I love being surrounded by family history. Knowing that people I loved dearly once carried or wore the things I now carry and wear. It’s almost as if I have them with me as I go about my day.

A Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.com

And I love being able to tell the story behind what I’m wearing. I love talking to people about the beloved history of my clothes, or perhaps just the era, or the memories of the people who comment that I look like their younger selves, or their mothers, or their grandmothers.

It’s not just about the pretty clothes. It’s so much more than that.

A Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.comA Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.com

I’m not trying to claim that I know everything that there is to know about vintage; obviously I can learn so much and want to learn so much more.

But perhaps a conversation, and a willingness to listen rather than educate, would open up a path to knowledge that otherwise completely shut down the moment my own knowledge was dismissed because I look young, or inexperienced, or whatever it is about me that didn’t seem knowledgeable enough.

All of this to say: don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. It’s not rude to let someone know that you are more than you appear. When people tell me I look like I’m from a certain era, I now respond “yes, that’s my goal!” or “yes, this dress is from that era.” While at first it felt like I was being a smart alec, it now opens up the pathway to more conversations. People tell me about themselves and their fond memories, and I love that.

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A Vintage Day Out | eyreeffect.com


The 1950’s Housewife Project: very belated last days

The 1950’s Housewife: Conclusion

I realize this post is about three weeks late. But I wanted to finally update you with the last three days of the 1950’s Housewife project. I don’t remember a LOT of those three days, so this will be a short post but I needed to share it before I got so caught up with all of my other plans that the ending to this project got lost!

On day three, it rained a lot and I neglected to get any outfit photos, but I did clean our garage, and got the best mail ever!

On day four, I had a friend over and the entire day was turned upside down. Partly because I got called that morning to unexpectedly babysit, and partly because when you have friends over, it’s more important to spend time with them than it is to constantly clean. 😉

And on this day, day five, I was finally able to get photos and even did TWO outfits. I didn’t get great photos of outfit two, but it is in the video.

I’m sorry it took me so long to get these last three videos shared! I actually quite miss the daily videos, because it was a fun way to communicate more often with friends, and a great way to create something every day. Perhaps I’ll try another series soon!

Dress, Lotty Dotty Vintage | bangles and heels, thrifted | brooch, Erstwilder via a BST group | earrings, vintage
Second outfit: skirt, Lotty Dotty Vintage | top, thrifted | hair flower, literally just plucked from a bunch of fake flowers | earrings, vintage | shoes, thrifted

Happy 29


There are so many things flitting through my mind about turning 29. What I want to accomplish, what I’ve done in the last year, life so far… but this morning as I sit in my new favorite dress, all I really want to talk about is pretty clothes. Specifically, the aforementioned new favorite dress.

I had been eyeing this fruit-and-nut print 1950’s dress from Thriftology 101 for a while. At least six months, if not more! Its colors and pattern were so gorgeous, but for some reason I simply put it on my wishlist, and hoped perhaps it would be a birthday present. Fast-forward to now, when I knew my husband wasn’t going to get it for me, so I bought it for myself.

And I am so glad I did. It is the perfect birthday outfit, the perfect shirtwaist dress, the perfect print. It’s even better than I had hoped it would be! Donning this beauty for my 29th birthday made the day even brighter!

On Growing Older

I feel like thirty is an age many people dread as they grow closer to the age. It’s the age when women seem to start lying about how old they are, when you’re considered a real adult, when “middle age” is just a few more years away. In the culture of eternal youth, in which we are constantly chasing a young appearance, young mannerisms, young clothing, I seem to be one of the odd ones, who looks forward to age and wisdom and establishment in getting older.

I am excited to be older. I can’t wait for thirty! Sure, I have the beginnings of wrinkles around my eyes now, and I don’t have the body I had at 22, but I feel as though I’m so much more confident in so many ways now. I’m happily married, I have two crazy and wonderful kids, I have my dream wardrobe, and I have grown so much in my talents and abilities as a photographer, a writer, and a blogger.

And of course it has to be said: the older I get, the less I feel like I’m really aging. In my head, I stopped somewhere around 25. As they say, you’re only as old as you feel, right?     

I really would not want to remain the person I was ten years ago.

For one, I was so unsure of myself then, and so insecure about so many things. For two, I didn’t have the wardrobe I have now, ha! And for three… there’s just something comfortable about this age. Something secure and undemanding. I’m not constantly trying to be someone that other people want me to be. I can be myself, and if people don’t like it… that’s fine with me. While I certainly would prefer that everyone like me, I don’t need everyone to like me the way I did ten years ago. 

Wishes For The Future

This next year, my biggest goal is to finish writing a novel, any novel, and get it published. I don’t want to turn thirty without ever having done the thing I’ve worked towards for almost fifteen years. Of course there are other things I’d like to accomplish, but that is what I am going to focus all of my spare energy on.

I know I could self-publish. It’s been suggested to me so many times. But there’s something about pursuing a traditional publishing company that feels so much more legitimate to me, so I think that’s what I’ll try, once I have a novel worth submitting. As in, once I’ve actually finished writing something. Ha!

Thank you, everyone who has made my birthday so far a wonderful day! My parents, who brought both breakfast and lunch, Beth at Thriftology101, who sent me an apron after she found out today was my birthday (and from whom I bought this dress!), Sara Lily, who sent an amazing apple-print dress and whose friendship is irreplaceable, Hannah, from whom I just opened a box of adorable goodies (a strawberry purse!!!), and so many others.

29 is going to be a wonderful year!

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