My Weekend in Photos

My brother and I went to Seattle to hang out with friends of ours this weekend, and today, my parents, brother and I went up to a park to spend a few hours hiking around. Since I don’t really feel like writing about it, I thought y’all might like to see my world in pictures. These are my favorite photos of the weekend, all taken by myself except the one OF me… taken by my dad.

By the way, some of them are better large. Click the photo to view it bigger. 😉


This is probably my absolute favorite picture (above) of the weekend. I love it.

This bears explanation- there is an alleyway in Seattle where thousands of people have put their gum on the walls. This is only a small section of the wall; it’s sort of tradition to do this when you go to Seattle. 🙂
Street Performer

I like shiny things.
Me, as taken by my dad. I played with the colors on this a little. I look like Peter Pan. Only fatter. And with boobs.
He found a “stick”.
Say hello to my little friend.

She’s only the cutest baby ever.

And of course… fire is pretty. So that was the end to my weekend. Marshmallows over the fire, nieces, family, and food. It was a good weekend.