My New(Old) Writing Space

I thought I’d share with you all my new writing space. It’s equipped with a few of my favorite books, lotion in case of dry hands (not from writing. Hehe.), candles to set the mood, my apple bookends, my Ireland-or-Bust savings jar, and my favorite glass bottles (and a snack). The bunny sitting atop the books is my little writing buddy. His name  is Jarvis.

I’m so excited about it! I love this desk- I’ve owned it for about six years- and I was letting my parents use it as a computer desk since they need one and I didn’t have room in my bedroom. But I rearranged a few things, got rid of some unwanted furniture, and took it back. 😀 Now that I actually have a space that is designated as my writing space, I’m hoping I’ll write and edit more. Before, I’d sit in my armchair- comfortable but comes with… weird difficulties- or  on my bed- which generally slumped into me taking a nap- and not get much done. Those two places aren’t really conducive to me writing.

But the desk… I love. It’s the perfect height for me to type (well, will be once I get the matching chair out of storage. The one I’m using is old, ugly, and supposed to go up and down but… it’s broken.), and I mean… it’s a desk. Desks are meant for work.

So hopefully now that I have my desk back, I’ll get more than just blog writing done.  Although I may get distracted by the books.

Do you have a designated writing space? A favorite haunt to settle into with your laptop? Do you sit outside? Do you dress up your writing space, or leave it plain?