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My general vacation packing routine usually consists of throwing anything and everything that catches my eye into my suitcase the night before I leave. Usually, I haven’t worked out whether anything goes together, I just grab my favorites and the basics and shove them in.

But because I’ve been reading WhatIWore and seeing all of her wonderful outfit concoctions, I made a rule. Nothing goes in my suitcase- aside from my staple dresses- that cannot make at least two outfits, preferably three. No random grabbing.

My dresses, I wear anywhere and everywhere. I know they’re versatile and I’ll wear them a lot since the weather will be hot, so they’re exempt from the three-outfit rule.

And I realized that most of my outfits will either be a dress, or something consisting of mainly blue and white. I don’t have much variety in my skirts.

But my two favorite separates- the flowered skirt and my Breton stripes top- happen to be my most versatile pieces of clothing, and they also go together.

And I really don’t have an underlying color theme in my closet. I’m sort of a rainbow. Which would be why most of my clothes aren’t so versatile.

And for my jewelry, I didn’t actually just grab everything and throw it in a box this time. Most of what I’m bringing will go with several outfits.

but there are a few pieces I am packing simply because they’re pretty. I have the “Ooh, Shiny!” syndrome when I pack jewelry. It’s always to self: “Do these actually go with your clothes?” — “Not really… but… they’re shiny!”

The clothing lineup: (It looks like a ton to me. And yes, I know. I’m bringing a lot of shoes.)

And then, of course, there’s the makeup:

And the skincare (I know, I know. Burt’s Bees addict.)

And all of this has to go in one suitcase, and still leave room for any vintage clothing I may find while I’m there. Oh dear.