The County Fair

I went to the county fair today with my mom (all comers before noon get in free!). Since I am a camera-hog, this is going to be a heavy-on-the-pictures post. 😉 Enjoy!

I’ve always loved carousels. Nobody will ever ride them with me, though.

The Dizzy Dragon. Isn’t he cute?  I wanted to ride the rides and play the games, but mom didn’t feel like it so I just took a few pictures instead.

Oooh, such cute little creepy children. If you stand on the dark green spot in front of the barn, a snake shoots out and douses you with water. It’s quite funny. If it happens to someone else. 😀

This is Bob the Clown. I thought he was rather adorable.

Yes, I am 22 years old and I got my face painted by a clown. It’s the FAIR. That’s what you do. 😀 (My (ageless) mother also got her face painted by said clown. For the first time ever.)

Only the cutest hats ever! (The piggy ones are a hat AND gloves.)

Um. Baaa. 😀

Only the CUTEST little sheep family ever.

*snicker* Cow butts.

Smile for the camera!

I thought this was a rather fabulous name for an animal.

Racer Bunneh! (Not really. Just… striped… and cute.)

I couldn’t look at these without giggling.

The poultry barn. It’s a dark and scary place. O_o

So colorful!

Mister Popular.

These two weren’t getting along so well, as you can see. But sharing prevailed in the end, and they both got to sit in the spotlight. On opposite ends of the bar, of course.

I don’t understand the relevance of the elephant.

Ah, fair food. So healthy.

The funny and talented Brothers from Different Mothers. They’re a comedy juggling act, and they’re at the fair every year. One of the best things about going. (The one in red reminds me of Jerry Lewis.)

So many jars, and yet not a single pickled brain among them! Disappointing. 😉

Elephant ear! A  must-get at the fair.

Bunches of beautiful blossoms.

An amazing windshield shader that we saw on the way out.

That’s pretty much it. There are a lot of things I didn’t take (good) pictures of- the quilt displays, the awesome lego buildings, the art and photography displays… because by the time we got to that part of the fair, I was tired and ready to go. We did a lot of random wandering, visited the bathroom about three times, and I ate a yummy, yummy gyro for lunch.  Highlight of the day: I didn’t get sun-sick despite the heat! I think it’s all the water I drank…

Come September my family is going to the  much bigger state fair for my brother’s birthday. I’m much more excited for that, because it means  that I’ll have someone who might go on rides with me, and I can go on the ferris wheel.

(As you can tell, I’m really not very talkative tonight. 😀 It’s been a good long day.) I’m off to bed!

Or rather… to watch a few more episodes of Bones before falling asleep.

Slán go fóill!