Cats are Good for the Soul.

I am currently in the process of replying to an email I got today (ha, me replying to an email immediately is SO RARE!), and I was struck by how funny the saying “she was swept off her feet” is.

Well, okay. Maybe it’s just me.

But I always thought it’d be sort of odd. Some random man knocking me over with a broom while declaring his love…

In case you didn’t notice, I am feeling much, much better today.

I went home and petted my cat for about ten minutes. And when I say “petted,” I mean “rubbed and skritched and kissed and loved until she shed about half her weight in fur.” And guess what?! I didn’t react other than the very slightest tinge of maybe my lungs protesting, but that went away as soon as I left.

Which means that probably after Wednesday, my second visit with the Nature Lady, I will be able to GO HOME FOR GOOD!!!

Excuse the all-caps. I’m just a little bit excuted (excited, for those of you who don’t read my-fingers-were-in-the-wrong-spot-speak). Or euphoric. Or e… um… yeah. I can’t think of a third e word. Oh! Elated. Oooh. Or ebullient. That’s a good word. Ebullient… Excuse me while I repeat it over and over in my  head. It makes me  happy… (I know, I know. I’m a word nerd. At least I make you laugh, right? At least… I hope you laugh. I completely understand if your first instincts are to call the men who take me to the padded room, though… )

I wrote today. A whole three paragraphs.

Wait, actually… it was six.

And yes, I did just go count them.

Today is the first day in over a month (it’s  been a month and three days exactly. I’m all about exacntess. Urgh. Exacthnes…sigh. My fingers are revolting right now. Wait… that sounds like they’re disgustingly deformed and stinky. Never mind…) that I’ve written anything other than blogs.

I think I’m going to leave before I convince you that I am completely and utterly insane.

But first, a few cute lols.


Oh hey, it’s me! (Not that I tear up toilet paper. *coughnormallycough* But I do plead insanity…)