It’s a Hairy Situation

So Beth over at Hear a Snippet Here is doing her own project hair grow, and since I now miss my long hair, I figured I’d join in.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you probably know that my hair goes through a lot of  changes this year.

It was long:

And then in January,  I cut it off:

and then I dyed it red:

and then I dyed it dark again:

and now… I’ve decided I want to grow it out.  To past my shoulders.

(if you’re not sure how long it is right now, here:

So here’s day one of my own project hair grow.

My target length and cut is this exactly:


I had considered not chopping it all off and just going to this directly… but I’m glad I did chop it. If I hadn’t, I would never have had the fun of having almost no hair, and I’d never have known that ultimately, I love having long hair more than I do short hair.

That’s also about my natural color. Which I may let grow out. Or I’ll keep it dark. I like having dark hair.

I hope my hair grows fast.

I get tired of it pretty quickly.