Aphotic Pulchritude

Being a writer, there isn’t a creative spurt that goes by where I do not stop to search for synonyms when one form of a word just doesn’t seem like enough to me, or when I have to use that word more than once every few paragraphs  and need more forms  of it  to make it less repetitive. And more often than not, I find that there are so many more interesting synonyms for everyday words than I thought there were.

Today, I wanted to share the less-used synonyms of words that pertain to the chapter I’m currently writing. I’ve searched for all of these today, and I absolutely love the synonyms! They’re rather amazing.

And yes. I am a nerd.

Get over it.

Dark(lack of light): Aphotic, caliginous, nebulous, obfuscous, Stygian, tenebrous, adumbral

Dark(secret, hidden): Abstruse, anagogic, cabalistic, recondite

Light: Lambent, lucent, refulgent, scintillant

Evil: Execrable, flagitious, nefarious, pernicious, rancorous,

Red: Cerise, florid, rufescent, rubicund, sanguine, titian, vermilion

Cold: Algid, boreal, brumal, frore, gelid, heimal, hyperborean

Calm: Bucolic, halcyon

Beauty: Pulchritude

And with that spurt of words, I’m off to write more.

Oh, my cat says hi.

Or it might be “go away.”

I can’t tell.