“Chriiiiistmas we looooove you the best!”*

I made Christmas wreathes and a garland today. Started before work, finished after work.

And I decorated my room for Christmas. It may just stay like this forever. I love it!

It’s not mistletoe. But we can pretend it is… if you happen to look like Vincent Perez or James Purefoy, are single, and would like to marry me.



Er… where was I?

Oh yes. My room.

I got this little nativity for free from work. Apparently, there’s supposed to be a star on top, and there wasn’t. So… freebie! Everyone needs a nativity. Especially one with a naked cow, a lamb wearing a tapestry, and a pig and a chicken that are on wheels.

I used to have several of these stars hanging from my ceiling, but they keep falling down. Probably because I taped them up by strings, and they’re a bit heavy for Scotch-tape to hold up. Oh well.

My animal is cute. Also, she looks like she’s about to attack my face.

Oh, I may be allergic to trees.


That means I can’t be a tree hugger. Oh well.

(Look at how lovely my arm is after gathering the materials to make the wreathes/putting them up in my room:)

And with that  gorgeous picture of my mutating skin, I’m off to bed.

Have a lovely morrow!


*Blog title: line from some random song on the radio at work. I’ve got that and Dean Martin crooning “It’s a marshmallow world in the winter” running through my head on repeat.