I TOLD you my pouting has the power to change the weather dramatically.

Maybe if I pout more, the snow will stop melting and the sky will give us a blizzard.

As with the last time it snowed, I had to do a fun random fantasy-esque photoshoot.  I had some fun with the editing, too. (Ugh, I just tried to spell “fun” with “ph”.)

Fun fact: I made that mask. And the dress is actually a rectangular piece of fabric that I’ve safety-pinned up the side and at the shoulers and tied with a red ribbon.

Because I am WAY too impatient to actually sew things together.

And the sword in the second-to-last picture– which, sadly, did not want to show up amongst the snow and trees– is real. And sharp. And has a demon of some sort on the sheath.

I should make friends with people who will come model for me so that I don’t have to do the self-timer all the time. And then THEY can be the ones who run around in the snow, sleeveless, wrapped up in a piece of cloth that is haphazardly pinned together at the seams.

Although it is rather fun doing the whole shebang by myself.

Have a happy… um… Thursday!

Sorry, I lost my train of thought for a second there and forgot what day it was.



Outfit (No, I didn’t run around like that^ all day):

Day nine of the alphabet of color challenge. I is for Iceberg, Indigo, and Icterine (yellow)

Apparently, I think I’m a flamingo.

I love this skirt. And look, my fingernail polish matches the yellow in the print!

One of my favorite features about this sweater:


Also, I’d like you to meet my angry little owl ring. I love him. He’s angry. Probably because he used to live in the relative warmth of New Mexico, and now I’ve taken him outside in the snow.


And my snowflake ring, which I love. And I wore, obviously, because of the snow. And which is too big for me and fell off without my even noticing it was gone until I looked at my finger.

I. Love. My. Shoes.

But they are very perilous to wear outside in the snow.