I wear clothes.

Aren’t you glad?

So I almost completely forgot– with all the plagiarism and whatnot going on this week– that today I get to be lazy and just do a fashion post.  I was actually contemplating another vlog…  but then I don’t know what I’d say.

I have actually decided that I may take a weekend break from all the emails (57, currently) that I have left to reply to, but… since my laptop is finally getting fixed today, I may end up doing a few more emails tonight.  I cannot WAIT to have my own computer again.

Also, we are so spoiled with technology.

Anyway! On with the fashion post. Today is P for Pink. I wanted to be sort of casual today, but um… it only half worked.

I guess for me this is casual. 😀

And the sun kept coming out and interfering with my pictures. By slashing my face in two. Meh. You don’t need to see my face, right?

I luff my cupcake charm. It’s cute. And pink. And… um… yeah.

This ring reminds me of a caterpillar.

Oh mah gosh, my face! 😉 I just… um… thought you might miss it. 😀

On to voting! Click to see the picture bigger, vote on your favorite. You know the drill.

And I’m off to save the world! (Actually, just to Target with a friend)



No outfit after jump because OH EM GEE it’s at the beginning of this post! (Yeah, I’m in a random mood today. Probably all the coffee I’ve had so far.)