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S is for Scarlet


S is for Seriously Swooshy Skirt!

No, actually it’s for Scarlet. 😀 AND Seriously Swooshy Skirt.

I like my belt. And this skirt. AND my earrings:

OWLS! I LOVE these. If you watch the hair tutorial video, you can hear how much they jangle. And I have decided that owls will be my signature. I think I’ll do a daily owl picture on Twitter. 😀

This bracelet was hand-made by a street vendor in New Mexico. My daddy bought it for me. I think the stone is beautiful.

Hair tutorial! Sadly, my accidental British accent is gone. Must mean I need to watch more miniseries. (Confession: I have another version of Jane Eyre right now that I’m watching. I’ve seen it before, but I don’t remember very much about it.Also, the new version of Jane Eyre (which looks like it’s going to be TERRIBLE) comes out on the eleventh, and because I’ve seen every other version there is, I feel obligated to go.)