30-for-30: The anticipatory post.

Two things: One, I’ve decided to do  Kendi Everyday’s 30-for-30 challenge when I’m done with the Alphabet of Color challenge. Because… I really like these challenges. The Alphabet of Color has really started to help me find my true style, and it’s easier to get dressed every day when I know I’ve got a challenge to meet.

Two: Because it’s Toby’s Bloggyversary on the 29th and I’m only 34{33, once I publish this} posts away from 500 posts, I’ll  be doing double posts for the next two weeks. I want to get to 500 by Toby’s 2-year-Bloggyversary. {FYI, for those of you that didn’t read my comment on the last post/haven’t looked at the about page today/don’t stalk follow me on Twitter, I named my blog Toby. I want to name one of my kids Toby, but since I don’t have kids… well…}

Anyway. I took pictures of all the clothes I’ll be wearing in the 30-for-30 challenge, and here they are:

Four Skirts

Six Cardigans (I know. I have a problem)

Five Dresses (All of which can be converted into skirts. Slick, eh?)

Four short-sleeved tops

Three long-ish sleeved shirts

One pair of boots

Two blazers

Three heels, one pair of flats

And the last item on the 30 for 30 list?


You’ll see it tomorrow. It’s a surprise. I’m really excited to show you.

One week, and I start.

See you tomorrow! {Not really. You’ll see me. I won’t see you. I’ll just… know you’re out there somewhere, always the loving stalker.}