Fashion, Writing

… and it’s just really hard to reconcile the two.

Excuse me if this post seems choppy with the pictures. It’s an experiment.

So we all know that I’m a writer. Right?

Well… if we don’t, we do now.

{Side note: I really don’t know why I’m referring to you as “we.” Or if I am, in fact, referring to the voices in my head. Which mostly think I’m very sad for having a life that mostly consists of doing things online.}

And I started this blog almost two years ago {March 29th is my… its… our…?… two year anniversary. Bloggyversary. Birthday? Whatever. Too many side notes!} to chronicle the ups and downs of my writing, as well as the adventures I anticipating having because I was moving across the states at the time. {Those adventures never really happened. Also, I should ban myself from using brackets.}

{fun fact: my first post was entirely in italics, and I used to sign my posts “Mara T.”}

But over the year and many months, the blog has evolved to include more than just my writer life. I started posting photos, vlogs, letters, book reviews, fashion posts, food posts… and it’s sort of grown up into an all-encompassing reminder that really, I have absolutely no life outside of the internet.

… this isn’t going where I had intended it to go.

BACK to the original tangent!

Recently– say…since the beginning of this year– I’ve become increasingly interested in fashion, which has birthed a stronger wish to somehow meld the writer/nerd me with the semi-fashionable me, but generally my posts tend to be either one or the other. {speaking of nerd me, I get new glasses some time next week. And I am excited to have them.} I am a writer all week, who posts pictures after the jump because she feels obligated to keep the girliness to a minimum for the small percentage of her readers who are boys, and then on Saturdays, I feel that the week of being smart has given me leave to do a frivolous and entirely fashion-related post.

Also, I always have this fear that because I do fashion posts, I might be perceived as air-headed and vain. Which is probably silly of me {Yeah. It is silly of me. I can totally be perceived as air-headed and vain without these fashion posts. Proof}, but there it is.

But I’ve been stalking following a few fashion bloggers lately that have made me realize that… it’s okay to let the girly me loose. I don’t perceive my fellow female fashion fanatics {ooh, alliteration. Fancy} as airheaded or vain. I see them as interesting people who just happen to have amazing taste and want to share their love for pretty things with the world. My current favorite fashion blogger– Kendi— is not only beautiful,  but absolutely hilarious, and not airheaded in the least.

I sort of want to be her.

Or at the very least, mimic her. {More brackets! One of my stalkers on Chictopia keeps telling me that I remind her of Kendi. For reals. {I can’t believe I just said “for reals.”}}

So over the next few days, I’ll be experimenting with some blog-post styles to see how I can reconcile the writer me with the fashionable me. I’ve seen quite a few fashion bloggers include their fashion pictures throughout their post and somehow make it all cohesive even if they’re not actually talking about their outfit, and I want to figure out how to do that.

And if you’re a boy who thinks it’s dumb, go throw some rocks* or mess up a car engine or something equally manly and we’ll call it even. Mr. Rochester joins you in looking disdainful and annoyed:

Poor man. He’s surrounded by jewelry, belts, vintage hats, and owls.


I decided at the end of this post to make this one my first experiment with including outfit pictures throughout. I don’t think it worked very well. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I’m going to give up and give in to my girly side completely and write the next chapter of my romance novel. Rather… I should say the romance novel I’m currently working on out of the five I haven’t finished yet, because… otherwise it sounds like I’m nice and orderly and only work on one thing at a time. Which is completely untrue.



P.S. Owl of the day:

Also, my cat’s front fang is loose. I’m worried about her. She’s having trouble eating. I just…thought you should know.

*I don’t really know why throwing rocks is manly.

{edit: hover over the pictures. I may or may not have inserted very random captions.}