a (late) wrap up.

I know, I know.I’ve already blogged three times today. But I didn’t realize that I was going to blog so much, and I keep forgetting to do this. I meant to do it at the end of February. I want to start taking the best outfits of each month (as voted by you) and putting them to an overall vote. Sound good? Yeah? No?

Well. Even if it doesn’t, I’m doing it. So there. 😉

Lots of ties, which means… more than four outfits to vote on. Here they are, in order of date:

And… go!

My personal favorite… oooh… I can’t decide between the animal print skirt and h is for hot pink. They’re the two that most represent what I really want my style to be. On different ends of the spectrum.

Happy voting!

P.S. What do you think of the (probably… almost… maybe…?) final blog theme and header?