W is for White

Can you believe that the main parts of of this outfit were thrifted? The trench coat is from Goodwill ($8), the dress is from a local thrift shop ($5), and the belt is from Goodwill as well ($2.99) I think all in all, the entire outfit- jewelry and shoes included- cost me a grand total of $48. That’s not even enough to have bought this coat brand-new. And had I waited on the shoes, I could have gotten the last pair— my size— for $7 instead of $20. (the $20 was sale price, but still…)

I love thrift stores.

I had my mom take my pictures today because the camera won’t adjust itself when it’s on self-timer, and it pretty much just makes anything white into a glowy blob.

As you can see, I’m not quite as comfortable in front of the camera when someone else is taking the pictures. I feel like I can’t pose for other people— I have to smile. And I don’t really like smiling for the camera.

But I should get used to it because mom takes better pictures than the self-timer does.

I hope you’re all having a beautiful Sunday! (Only three days left of this challenge, can you believe it???)

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