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30 for 30

Allrighty! So tomorrow I start my 30 for 30 challenge. I have been anticipating this for a WEEK, and I’ve been so very tempted to do 2 challenges at once, but… I restrained myself. And since today ends the Alphabet of Color challenge, tomorrow begins the 30 for 30! I’ve quit adjusting my list of clothes, and I  now have no choice but to stick to the items listed below. I’m excited to begin!

I’ve listed where I bought things and the approximate price– when I could remember it–, so you can see how much I love Target and thrift stores… and just how cheap I really am. 😉

Did you tally up those prices? Giving about $50 for the items I couldn’t remember the price of, this entire wardrobe cost me about $240. You know that show “The Look For Less?” Well, usually the participants bring about $150 and buy a “look” composed of a dress, jacket shoes, and jewelry, for…$150. Which, apparently, is “less.” So they get about 5 items for more than half of what I paid for 30. I bet you that I could do the look for less with $50. And possibly have money left over.

If I had a spending budget of just $100 a month, I’d  have a huge wardrobe. *sigh* I wish…

Yes. I’m cheap. The last thing I bought at full price was that silver floral necklace, and to me, paying $15 for a necklace is steep. And the last clearance item I bought for more than $15 was those snakeskin heels– which,by the way, I was rather irritated because I went back a week later and there was one pair left in my size for $7. If only I had waited! But I think that they were worth the extra dollars.

So yes. I rarely buy anything for more than $10. But we’ll call me thrifty, so I don’t sound like a miserable old penny-pinching miser. 😉

Here is everything all together:

I have to admit that I am really, really dubious about the jeans. But I’ll try to style them at least once during the challenge.

And as I go, I’ll put together each item of clothing along with its accessories in a picture and tally up the total price so that you can see which items I’m wearing, where I got them, and how much the outfit cost me. Sound good? Yes? Good.

So! Tomorrow, it begins. Wish me luck!

P.S. A poll: