Pink Leather Owls




I tried very, very hard to be lazy and wear jeans. Really, I did.  I mean, I was lazy with my hair, lazy with my makeup (rather… I didn’t put any on), and I  had jeans on, I had all the other pieces on… and I just… it looks so much better with a skirt. I’m so much more comfortable in a skirt. So… yeah. I seriously doubt I’ll be wearing the jeans much for the 30 for 30 challenge. But I’ll try.

Owl of the day:

This is one of my favorite owls. Look at his little shiny red beady eyes! One of them is actually crooked, which  makes me love him more.

And I don’t know why, but I seem to call all of my inanimate objects “he.” Even my pink owl keychain is a he.

{He’s an albino owl that sat in the sun too long and got sunburnt, FYI}Poor thing. Humiliated by being pink. {yes, I’m old fashioned and still refer to pink as a girl’s color even though sometimes it looks good on guys.} But it’s okay, he’s leather. So that’s manly.

I’m off to do things like… procrastinate on the internet while intending to write…and calling the vet to see if there’s any way I can get my cat’s tooth pulled for free, seeing as I’m entirely broke… and…watching girly shows like Say Yes to the Dress.

Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a tough day today.