My closet is cooler than yours.

So! Better pictures of my new closet. Be jealous at how amazing it is.

I love that there is a spot for everything. Shoes, jewelry, clothes, laundry hamper… even the cat’s litter box (she lives in my room. And I have to admit, that may be one of my favorite parts. It’s much easier to access and clean now. Before, it was back in a corner and  blocked by a little side table.)

(picture-heavy post. Click through to see more.)

My favorite part: the three compartments that I added last-minute to my plans.

The top compartment holds all of my jewelry. This way, I can put together an outfit without having to go back and forth between the closet and my desk (where my jewelry used to be.)

And yes, that was a teacup full of Lindor chocolates you saw in the first picture. They’re left over from Christmas. I can’t actually eat them until my sugar allergy gets taken care of… but… they’re pretty!

The second compartment holds… random things.

Flowers, headbands, bracelets, random jewelry bits (the middle tray on the glass thing is full of pendants that don’t have chains, brooches, and other trinkets)…

…my favorite lotions, my favorite nail polishes… and of course, my favorite Shakespearean plays… and Yorick.

The third compartment is for the shirts I wear most often that don’t have to be hung, and my tights.

There are four shelves for shoes, and one shelf for shirts I don’t wear as much (it’s messy):

And then there’s the difficult corner, with the furnace duct in it:

It’s not quite finished yet. One more bar for hangers has to be added, but we didn’t have the rosettes (support) to put it up.

And then, there’s my bookshelf:

And that’s about it!

Oh, I found this kind of funny:

I am obviously not afraid of patterns and colors. How many do you count? (That’s not even all of my clothes.)

I love my closet. Having it compartmentalized like this has really given me so much more space! It’s opened up my bedroom– now, I actually want to sit in the chair by the closet, whereas before… it was just covered in clothes that I didn’t feel like putting away because my closet was so badly made.

Yeah. So my dad is amazing. My closet is amazing.

Let’s just hope that I actually keep it organized. *ahem* I  mean, it’s not like I’m messy or anything… 😉