Don’t mind me. I’m just in need of some cheese.*

I didn’t feel like getting up today. Or getting dressed. I went to hang out with my friend Sarah, (which was fun, by the way. We watched Jane Eyre.) and if I didn’t absolutely hate it when people go places in their pajamas, I’d probably have just gone over to her house in my pajamas.

As it was, I went through several outfits before settling on jeans. (Jeans! I know, weird.)

Thing is, I’ve lost weight since I bought these jeans, so they’re getting too lose. Already. Which isn’t a bad thing– the losing weight– but I just bought these, and they’re the first pair of jeans in years that I’ve actually liked on me. Who knows, by the end of this challenge I might not even be able to keep them up decently. That’d be nice… I mean… because it’d mean I’d lost quite a few pounds. Not because I want to run around town with my jeans hanging indecently low. *ahem*

I don’t feel like doing anything tonight. I don’t really feel like writing an informational (or funny) blog, I don’t feel like replying to the comments I got yesterday or the emails I have to respond to… I don’t feel like doing anything. So… I won’t. Commenters and emailers, I love you all, but you’re on hold till tomorrow. I’m still sick, and I’m taking me a sick day. 😀

Oh! I just remembered that it’s Monday and I’m supposed to have a WWC picture up for y’all. Um…  yeah.

WWC has been postponed until tomorrow as well.

Sorry. I’m sick, lazy, and I don’t want to do anything but eat a warm piece of buttered banana bread and drink some coffee and snuggle under lots of blankets (it’s cold) while giving in to my imagination and creating my own little worlds full of dashing heroes and swooning heroines.

Will you forgive me if I make a cute face?

I’m going to go get that banana bread.


P.S. Those little index pictures I meant to make for my 30 for 30 outfits aren’t ever going to happen. Outfit details:

Cardigan, $5; Jeans, $6; Headband, $2.39; Shoes, somewhere around $10; Belt, $0.99.
Approximate outfit cost:  $24.38

*to go with my “whine.” Get it? Get it? 😀 Okay, okay. It’s a stupid joke.