Gathering freckles.

So I was going to write  a very serious post today that was sparked by something one of my commenters said– a good kind of spark– but today is so beautiful that I can’t be serious. Instead, have some pictures of my day thus far, and I will finish writing that more serious post on a rainy day.

I love my home. I love how green it is here. I love how beautiful everything is. Ilove the flowers, and the sunshine, and the fat bumblebees and the twitching hummingbirds.

I even love it enough to not mind that grass makes me all itchy and I might just get a sunburn because I’m so pale. It’s too beautiful a day to be unhappy. And now that I’ve done this post, I’m going to go back outside and sit in the sun some more.

I hope that wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, you have a gorgeous day.

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