A Woman’s Temptation

My best friend is in town, so today, I spent the day with her unexpectedly (unexpectedly, because she’s staying all next week with me and I thought she had other plans till then) and didn’t have time to do ANYTHING online.

So we went to wander around a few antique stores. While we were there, I tried on the hat that I love but don’t want to pay $20 for:

I played an antique piano and was applauded by one of the people who works at the store, one of the ladies said she always looks forward to seeing what I wear when I come in, and I bought a beautiful  new book to add to my collection, called A Woman’s Temptation (I admit, I only bought it because it’s pretty and the chapter titles amused me):

I’ll get a better picture of it later for you. Oh, and this book smells really good. (Yes, I smell book pages. Don’t you?) It smells  a bit like perfume, and a lot like just… old. You know. (My brain doesn’t want to think any more. Sorry.)

We then went to eat Chinese food:

(It was a buffet. New favorite place to eat!)

And got fifty-cent rub-on dragon tattoos (didn’t take a picture of those, but I have this compulsion to get a rub-on tattoo whenever there are machines for them)

And then we went to Bible study.

It was a good day.

If I’d finished that one serious blog, I could have just posted that. As it is, you get this one instead. 🙂


Outfit details: Dress, $2; Cardigan, $8; Belt, $1; Tights, $1.74; Shoes, unknown. Approximate outfit cost: $12.74