Clothes, Books, and Owls


Since I’ll be gone all day tomorrow and probably won’t have time to blog, I’m going to do Saturday’s Fashions today. The outfit above is what I will most likely wear tomorrow (most likely because… I tend to change my mind last minute. If I do change my mind, I’ll do my best to have someone take a picture of my outfit.)

Although looking at it now, I think I’ll probably wear different shoes. Maybe boots? I don’t know. I’m not decisive right now. I LOVE this cardigan. It’s the second clothing item that I’ve gotten with birthday money (the first was the navy dress from yesterday’s post.), and… I heart it. It’s orange, it’s striped, it’s a cardigan (I’ve noticed that I have a thing for cardigans), and it was under $5. Made for me. Right?

Speaking of things from thrift stores, I took a better picture of the book I bought yesterday, so that you can see how pretty it really is.

I googled the book to figure out who it was written by (there is no title page with the author’s name on it, nor is there a copyright page), and I actually JUST noticed the F.M. Lupton Pub. Co. on the binding (because of that picture).

So I googled that as well to see if I could place the age of the book. It was written in 1880 by Bertha M. Clay, and this edition had to have been made somewhere between then and 1902, as the name of the publishing company was changed in 1902 to Federal Book Company.

And apparently the F.M. Lupton Publishing Company produced really cheap books. It’s interesting what you learn when you buy old books because they’re pretty.

Also, I just realized that this edition is over 100 years old. honestly, that excites me. (My reaciton when I realized that was to slap both hands onto my chest and exclaim “Goooollly!!!” Seriously. I got a little adrenaline rush just thinking about it.) I love old books. SO MUCH.

Also, my other best friend sent me birthday owls and a peacock cup:

It was the most amazing box of presents EVER. 😀

So, anyway! Outfits and voting:

 I might not show up much this next week, because my best friend is staying with me all week. And I  love you all, but you’re not as important as she is. 😀

Have a lovely weekend!