Sometimes, I’m just awkward.

All of today’s outfit pictures are kind of awkward and off. But I don’t really care today, because… I just… don’t. Also, I know that to you I just wore this skirt,  but to me it’s been like three different outfits since then. 😀

 I forgot to include this belt in my Goodwill post… um… yeah. I got this, too. 😀 I love it.

Yeah. Soooo awkward. 😀 I never know what to do with my hands!

Is it just me, or do I look really, really long today? Not that that’s a  bad thing, it’s just weird. I look so…tall.

I really love this fingernail polish. Forever 21 has the best colors…

Details: Skirt, $4.99; Shirt, unknown; Belt, $1.99; Shoes, $8; Earrings, $8; Ring, gift
Approximate outfit cost: $22.98 and some change.

I’m going to go… watch NCIS.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Thursday!