Miss Influenced says my blog is lovely

Molly of Miss Influenced gave me the One Lovely Blog award. 🙂

The Rules: (And I’m going to add: you only have to do this if you WANT to.)
1. link back to the person who passed you the award
2. share seven random things about yourself
3. award 15 blogs
4. drop them a note and tell them about it
Random things:
    • 1. This shirt is the first oversized piece I’ve ever bought. I’m not usually a fan of oversized on myself, but there’s something about this shirt that I really like. Maybe the candy-pink stripes, or the pockets, or the vintage feel… I don’t know.
    • 2. When I open my mouth wide, the right side of my jaw pops and crackles, and sometimes when I yawn, it sticks for a second or two. It’s rather annoying.
    • 3. I had six wisdom teeth. (I’ve had two removed) There are three on the left upper side. Two little ones, one normal sized one. This gave the dentist quite a puzzle when he first discovered it. The people looking at my X-rays were really confused.
    • 4. I have a small sectoral  heterochromia in my left eye. It confuses people.

  • 5. The oldest book I own (that I can put a specific date on, anyway) is Tennyson’s Poetical Works (Student’s Camrbidge Edition). It is 113 years old. Written on the inside of the cover is “Margaret M. Haight, Crusby Hall, Room 10” and she or another person has made little notes on several of the pages about the poems.
  • 6. I have a home-made terrarium. It houses moss… and a tiny little slug.
  • 7. There is a sixteen inch difference between my waist and my hips, which makes it quite difficult to wear dresses with straight skirts, as my jeans size is a 12 or so, and my shirt size is a 4 or 6.

Yes, I changed my belt. I actually took the yellow-buckled belt picture and several outfit pictures, and then didn’t quite like the way they turned out, so changed my belt and put on the cardigan and I like it better now.

I’m a little bit of a rule-breaker, so I’m actually only “awarding” blogs that I think truly deserve it, instead of a random 15 (Because I prefer to award people who I think deserve it, rather than trying to find 15 blogs to fill the quota.)

So! These people have lovely blogs:

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Yep. They’re lovely. 😉

I  hope you are all having a beautiful Friday!

Outfit details: skirt, top, and belt all thrifted for around $8.  Shoes, unknown; earrings, $8.
Approximate outfit cost: $16+ whatever the shoes were. (Under $10, I know that for sure.)
And this outfit reminds me of a 1940’s woman going sailing. Or something.