Flower Child

Today’s outfit. I’ll update with the other outfits and voting in a few hours, but I have to run!

Details: Shirt, $3.99; Skirt, $2.00; Belt, $0.99; Ring, $1.50; Shoes, $10 or under; Flowers, free.
Approximate outfit cost: $18.48

I feel like such a hippie. This skirt reminds me of a tablecloth in print. Thankfully, the fabric is really soft, so it doesn’t feel like a tablecloth.

Also, is it just me, or does my hair look really dark in this picture?:

I managed to fool a few people into thinking that this:

 …was real.

It’s not real. It’s a rub-on tattoo. I don’t think I’d ever get a real tattoo– one,because of the image it tends to represent to the public about myself (yes, nobody should judge you just because you have a tattoo, but as a woman trying to be a good example of Christ… well… tattoos don’t really give out the impression that I’m wholesome and innocent. Y’know? I sometimes feel bad just having the occasional rub-on tattoo on my wrist when I’m around people who don’t know me and don’t know that the tattoo isn’t real.) and two, because I tend to get bored with things quickly, and I would want to change it about two weeks after I’d gotten it. Permanent ink isn’t a good idea for me.

However, if I did ever get a tattoo, it would be on this wrist in this place… and I’d probably be a girly-cliche and go with a butterfly. Either that, or I’d get something that was meaningful to myself and my life.

But I am pretty sure I’ll never get a tattoo. Unless it’s rub-on.

So! Before I get any more random, it’s voting time!

I was such a repeater this week.

And you know, I’m really torn between The Blue Giraffe and today’s outfit. Same shirt… different skirt… but I love them both. Anyway.

Have a lovely Saturday, and don’t forget to wish your mother Happy Mother’s Day! I won’t be posting tomorrow… y’know… with Mother’s Day and all that. 😉