Two miracles in one day.

Miracle one: I got dressed after all.

Miracle two: I’m wearing jeans. And I like them.

Crazy, huh?

Details: Cardigan($5), shirt($3.99), belt($0.99) and jeans($3.25) thrifted; Shoes($20) and necklace($8), Target; Headband($3), Fred Meyer.
Approximate outfit cost: $44.23

The last time I wore jeans, I wore this cardigan. AND this headband. And I was 10 pounds heavier.  I am much more comfortable in my skin now, and I like these jeans a lot better.  Possibly because I was looking at these pictures and thinking “oh, I look skinny!” (Don’t overreact. Skinny, to me, isn’t stick-thin. It’s just healthily curvaceous as opposed to overweight and pudgy. So there. ;))

I even did my makeup. I love this lipstick. I have been trying to come up with a “me” look, makeup wise, as I tend to just be all over the place. And I’ve always liked the idea of having more minimal eyes and bright lips, especially now that I have glasses and any eye-makeup I DO wear tends to get hidden…  so perhaps bright lips is for me. I don’t know.

I have to admit: I only wore the heels for the purpose of taking pictures, and am, in fact, not wearing snazzy shoes at all, but rather have these on my feet:

They’re adorable, aren’t they?

So that was enough strenuous activity for the day. It’s somewhat amusing when the simple act of taking a shower and getting dressed means you’ve used up all the energy you had. But then, this also gives me the excuse to be waited on. I don’t mind that so much. 😀

Other times I’ve worn pants (FYI, this is only the third time  I’ve worn jeans this year.):