I get hives for you.

 Details: Shirt($3.99), belt ($2.99), flower ring ($1.99)and shoes (2.49), thrifted; Dress (gift), American Eagle; Necklace(gift), Target; Turquoise ring, inherited.
Approximate outfit cost:  $11.46
(the dress was around $20, so say $31.46 for those of you that wouldn’t have gotten it as a gift.)

The title of this blog reads a bit creepier than it sounded in my head. Sorry about that. But I did literally get hives, all for the sake of a few pictures. See… as stated in that sidebar thing, I’m allergic to pretty much everything. I didn’t used to be, I just sort of… grew into my allergies. And this morning, I thought it might be fun– at the last minute– to take some pictures in the incredibly tall ferns at the edge of our lawn.

It looks cool, right? It better. Because my arms are getting all bumpy, red, and itchy. And I blame you for this. I mean, why else would I have risked death-by-ferns?

Also, there was a thistle. I may or may  not have bumped into it. Yes. It hurt.

And yes, I know. I suck at camouflage.

The weekly writing challenge picturehasbeen posted, along with the three lovely entries. Y’all should go look, read, and vote.

I’m not Southern. I don’t know why I just said “y’all.” Other than the fact that it’s more fun than “you all.”

So, since I did that one tutorial, I’ve gotten a few requests for various other makeup/photoediting tutorials, and I think it’s time that I have a new theme– Tutorial Tuesdays. (Yay for alliteration!) Now, this will only work if I get enough tutorial requests. Tomorrow, I’m going with GreenLightGirl’s request for a quick full-face makeup, which will look like that face you see above, more or less. I’ve also got requests for how to put on eyeliner (I’ll be doing four types– pencil, liquid, gel, and powder), how I edit my photos, and dramatic eye makeup.

So if you have any tutorial requests at all, let me know. I’m not a professional at anything, but I know my way around hair/makeup/photoediting/photography…and the fact that I’m not a makeup artist or a photographer helps me to explain things in a way that non-professionals can understand.

Or at least… I think it does. I hope it does.

Plus, all of this is a hobby for me, so everything I do, you can be sure it’ll either be for cheap or for free! Which is always nice.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Monday!

Other ways I’ve worn this shirt: