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The pretender strikes again!

GreenLightGirl asked me to do a quick full-face makeup tutorial, and since I had so much fun doing the last one, I had to comply. Now, as stated before… and probably also stated in the video, I’m not a makeup artist. I do this because it’s fun, and because people have asked me for tutorials. I should warn you that I ramble and blunder a lot in this video, because I’m only professional in short bursts.

Pretender, remember? 😉

And as stated by a commenter on the last makeup tutorial: makeup can do ALOT!

Products used: Boots No.7 foundation in Nude (Target, $14.99); Cover Girl loose powder in Translucent Fair (no idea); Cover Girl Cheekers blush in Plumberry Glow (Target); Maybelline Expert Wear Quads in Designer Chocolates (Target, $4.94); Maybelline Volum’ Express in Very Black (Target, $5.94)

One thing I forgot to mention: I had just washed and exfoliated my face, so you might have noticed that the makeup routine didn’t fully cover up the redness of my blemishes,  but rest assured: the redness goes away on its own once my skin calms down from being scrubbed… and ends up like this:

Yes. I do like making faces. Why do you ask? 😉

Details: Cardigan ($4), thrifted; Shirt ($7.97) and boots (unknown), Target; Jeans ($12), Walmart; Earrings ($4), Icing;  Belt and ring, inherited.
Approximate outfit cost: $27.97 (+ $10 or so for the shoes)

Excuse the wonky pose. I don’t really know how to pose in jeans yet. And I’m really only wearing them today because I have to.

I was very excited when I bought these, because they’re a size ten. Which is a size smaller than I thought I’d wear. Don’t tell me that Walmart does vanity sizing, which I’m sure they probably do. I want to live in my happy bubble and think of myself as being a size above my “target” size of jeans (which has always been a size eight, for some reason.)


You know, I’ve always thought it was odd how touchy fashion bloggers get about their weight or sizes. I was reading through a FAQ of one of my favorite fashion bloggers, and as she sells clothes, someone had asked how much she weighed. Her first response was “none of your dang business!” and then she gave in and revealed her weight for the purpose of measurements. Because she seemed to reticent to say how much she weighed, I was very surprised that she– as a woman who is taller than me– only weighed 135lbs. Not that she looks like she weighs more, but I expected her to say more since she seemed to be so touchy about it.

And I’m just always surprised that so many women feel they have to hide how they weigh when they’re tall and beautiful and their thighs don’t touch in the  middle. Because… it shouldn’t be an issue. We can all see that they’re not fat, they’re not unhealthy, etc.
I don’t have any problem telling you all that I weigh 150 pounds, nor with showing you that I have very blemished skin, or that I’m a total dork and I’m okay with it.

I wanted to say a whole lot more on this, but I have to run. So I guess I’ll just end it with this: don’t be so worried about your size; you are beautiful for you. Don’t ever forget that.