I have the urge to burst into song.

 Details: Shirt(unknown), belt ($0.99) and skirt($4.99), thrifted; Shoes($12), Walmart; Earrings ($8), Fred Meyer
Approximate outfit cost: $25.98 

I told you I’d make up for the lack of pictures yesterday, so prepare yourself to be bombarded.
(is it just me, or do I look unnecessarily smug in that first photo?)

This is what I wanted to wear today,  but we’re not allowed to wear open-toed shoes at work and the manager isn’t sure what exactly is “family friendly” attire yet, so I opted for the safe route and am wearing jeans and a tee shirt. Again. I’m so tired of jeans.

Skirts are WAY more fun.

 See? Much more fun.

Even when you stop twirling too soon and totally mess up the shot.

I don’t really have much to say right now. I’m looking forward to work today, to getting familiar with the machine and improving my ability to foam milk (which I’m really bad at). And I’m looking forward to actually having a job and not having to worry so much about who’s going to fill my gas tank.

And you know, extra money for clothes. 😀

Speaking of money, though, this job came with perfect timing as my parents are hosting a Financial Peace class (Dave Ramsey) and I will be learning how to budget my money and how to be smart with it and not just blow it all on one thing. I’m excited for that. I’ve always wanted to learn how to budget, and I generally am careful with my money as it is, but it’ll be nice to have more solid guidelines and better knowledge of how money works.

I am definitely going to be budgeting in savings for Ireland. I need to go there. Need.

I’d better clean up my messes and make sure I have everything I need for work today.

Work! It’s exciting.

I hope you all have a beautiful Thursday!