So I get distracted by pretty things. Are you surprised?

And if you ARE surprised, well. You must be new.

So I was on my way home from work this morning, and I had to stop by my favorite store (aka Goodwill) to find a pair of shorts for summer camp. Because I only have one pair, and believe me… even though it’s Washington and rain happens all the time here, I would die without shorts. I’m pretty sure.

And I found a pair. But that’s not exciting.

I was distracted by the dress section. Slightly. I may or may not have tried on about twenty dresses. I also may or may not have bought one of them.

Okay. Maybe I should change that to  “I most definitely DID buy one of them,” because I didn’t steal it… and… well, it’s at my house. On my body. Currently.

Details: Dress ($9.99), thrifted. Earrings ($8), Fred Meyer; Necklace ($4), Hallmark; Shoes (unknown) Target.
Approximate outfit cost: $21.99

And I know I said I wasn’t going to do a fashion post today, but then I found this dress.  

And I WAS going to write a “what I’m packing” post, but currently, packing looks like this:

 So yes. It’s… um… yeah. I need to do my laundry before I start packing. In the meanwhile, here are two of the dresses I tried on at Goodwill and didn’t end up buying.

Ignore the dorky socks look. I was so close to buying this, but in the end I decided that it was just a tad bit too short for me, and finding a slip to go beneath (up close it’s see-through) was too much work.

And you have NO idea how much I wanted to buy this. No idea. But it was a size ten, which is 2-3 sizes too big for me.  I had to clench the fabric at the back just to make it look decent for the picture, and I was sorely tempted to just buy it ant take it in. But I’m not a sewing kind of person, so I let it be. I have dreamt of a dress exactly this color and shape for YEARS.

I guess there IS a downside to losing weight.

But I’m sure I’ll find something equally fantastic to wear.

Also, I bought an adorable notebook for summer camp use:

Yes. I know. Shut up. I love owls.


Oh! And I almost forgot, brooches. Also found at Goodwill. I’m trying to build up my brooch collection,because I think they’re a fantastic accessory. I now own several gold animals:

Yes. You can be jealous now. 😉

I’m off to do laundry, clean my room, and make sure I have everything I need for summer camp. I hope you all have a beautiful week while I’m gone!

I’ll see you Saturday.