Modern Maid Marian

 Details: Dress ($6.98), Bracelet ($7), Target; Shoes($10), Walmart; Earrings($4), Icing; Belt($1.99), thrifted;
Approximate outfit cost: $29.97

Quite a few friends have told me that I look like Maid Marian from the BBC Robin Hood, and today I feel a bit like a modern Marian. I think it’s the green hue, the sandals, the braids in my hair… it all just feels a bit like something a modern Marian might wear.


So one of my blog readers showed me THIS blog, and told me I have to try it. Of course, I did. But it doesn’t work so well with my camera. See… I’m not patient enough to jump a million times to get the perfect picture with the timer, and I don’t have anyone to photograph me. So my efforts come out like this:

 And after four tries, I was done.

I’m not a patient person.

But I promise, one day when I have a good enough camera and a photographer, I’ll do a levitation post. Because it’s cool.

I’m off to reply to emails, respond to comments, watch The Way We Live Now, and, most importantly, eat lunch.

The WWC picture will be coming later today– most likely this evening– because I have to look through my emails/blog comments and make sure there were no more than the two entries I found in my email-skimming, and I have about 73 emails to check.

I’m so glad to be back!

But I do miss summer camp.