Transformation complete.


 Details: Shorts that are now a skirt($3.99), shirt($3.99), camisole($1.99), and brooch($3.99), thrifted; Shoes($12.98), Target.
Approximate outfit cost: $26.94

Most of you know me too well. 😉

So forgive me that I didn’t do a full-body outfit picture today. I have  bronchitis– my mother insisted on taking me to urgent care this morning– and I look about as sick as I feel.

Apparently, if we’d let this cough go another week, it would have turned into pneumonia. That would have been exciting.

And despite the fact I am sick, I’m going to the drive-in movies tonight with my family. It’ll be fun. The weather is beautiful, and we have a mattress in the back of our truck to lay on. (With lots of blankets and pillows.) Plus, I have to take my cough-suppressant every six hours, so I’d have to be up at midnight anyway.

My cough-suppressant makes me sneeze. It’s quite funny.

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!