I was browsing through modcloth recently for all their delightful little owl trinkets when I happened upon this necklace:

Get Wise Necklace


And I thought to myself “HEY! I have a pin exactly like that.”

And I do.

(worn in this post)
Mine is a pin (obviously). It opens (again… obvious), and has “Avon” imprinted on the back of its head (not obvious.)

The reviews on  Modcloth say that the necklace is a bit cheaply made, and things like the eyes fall out or it’s  not very impressive in person. My pin, on the other hand, is nice and heavy, sturdy, and nothing has fallen off yet.

Same designer, different maker? Copycat? Chance? (I highly doubt that one.)

Whatever the case, I found it interesting.

Yep. My days are that exciting.