Details: Shirt($3.99) and skirt($3.99), thrifted; Shoes($12.98), Target. All other items, free.
Approximate outfit cost:  $20.96

I always feel a bit like a washerwoman when I wear scarves like this. And I mean, I do need to do my laundry, but thank goodness I don’t have to scrub it on a washboard in a cold stream, like this scarf makes me feel I should.

I’d be a very lazy washerwoman. I mean, I was too lazy to take more than ten full-body pictures today (which seems like a lot, to me, until I read of bloggers who take 100 a day to get their pictures just right), so instead you get one decent one, and one where my head’s gone all fuzzy.

But do you really need more?

As you might notice, I’m having problems with my skin today.

Well, it didn’t just happen today, it’s been over the last week or so… but I’d like to pretend it was only today and that it’ll only last for… today. And I’d like to blame the weather, but really it’s probably that my diet has been terrible (when I’m sick, I crave sweet food and potato chips) and I’ve been rather lax in washing my face at night.

I haven’t ever had clear skin, though, and if any of you beauties have skincare tips for me, or brand suggestions (that aren’t too expensive) that you swear get rid of blemishes, please let me know! Even when I’m rigid about washing my face and eating relatively well, I get breakouts.

Surprise! I’m engaged!

Okay, no. I’m  not. This ring just seemed to scream “wear me!” today.

And since I had a few things I wanted to say but they don’t relate to this post’s narrative particularly well, here’s a list:

  1. I changed my blog url today! Look up there ^! See? It’s now. I’m so proud. My blog is growing up. (If that’s what that means.) I remember back when it– excuse me, he— was just a baby and didn’t really have any direction at all. Ah, Toby. Don’t grow up too fast.
  2. The url change means that if you haven’t, you’ll have to re-follow me on bloglovin‘.
  3. Something I’ve wondered for a while, where comments are concerned:  bloggers, when you can… do you ever respond to comments, or do you prefer going to that person’s blog and returning a comment? And commenters, would you rather have a comment returned on your blog, or have your comment replied to? I tend to respond to comments, but I don’t ever expect bloggers to respond to my comments. And I’ve gotten enough followers now that it’s starting to take me longer than I have time for to respond to comments, but I don’t want to make commenters feel ignored because I’m suddenly not responding to their comments like I used to.
  4. I’m probably overthinking that last point.
  5. I’m well enough to go back to work! Yay!
  6. I’m hungry, and I’m going to go eat lunch.
Have a beautiful Thursday!