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Fish in trees

 Details: Shirt ($3.99), camisole ($1.99), and skirt($2.50), thrifted; shoes (unknown, under $10), Target; necklace, gift.
Approximate outfit cost:  $18.48

My brother bought me this necklace. I rarely wear it, since its chain is quite long and I prefer my necklaces to fall just below my collarbones. But the neckline of this shirt is perfect for a longer necklace.

I went out for coffee with an old friend this morning, and had planned to do one of those picture an hour posts… until I realized that the rest of my day was incredibly boring. So instead, you get a picture-an-hour for the first half of my day. That should be enough. Right?


Aaand that’s it. 😉

I got a few stares, one attempt at starting a conversation, a compliment on my shoes, and a compliment on my skirt at the ferry docks. People dressed like me aren’t common in my town. There are middle-aged folks dressed in sweatpants, tourists dressed in Hawaiian shirts, and teenagers dressed in skinny jeans, or guys who are my age and think they’re cool… and thus garb themselves in pants that hang on for dear life and shirts that are five sizes too big.

Yeah. My town is the total epicenter of fashion these days. (not.)

There was a guy at the ferry dock that reminded me of a young David Bowie, though. I wanted to snap a picture of him, but his back was to me and I’m not brave enough to stop people in the street for random fashion pictures.

I love the benches at the ferry dock. They’re so fun!

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So! A few of you might be wondering where the Weekly Writing Challenge picture is.

After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to cease the challenge. It takes a lot of searching to find good pictures, and while I love the weeks when I get entries for the photos, it’s become more a burden to find pictures than it is fun. Especially lately, I’ve been spending hours trying to find the perfect picture only to have nobody write an entry. And I don’t blame you– I haven’t done much writing lately either– but since I’m going through writer’s block and the entries have been tapering off, I think it’s time to stop the challenge. It was fun while it lasted. If you still want to see the archives, I’ll be creating an extras page where you can get to it.

Secondly, I’ll be cleaning up my static pages (About me, outfits, etc), and removing the comments on those pages. I love getting comments, but since the focus of my blog has changed I’ve been rearranging quite a lot, and most of the comments on my About page and FAQ page are no longer relevant. (Speaking of the FAQ, if you have a question you want answered but are too shy to ask here, you can go to my Formspring and ask anonymously, and if the question is repeated enough I’ll put it on the FAQ page.)

That, and I prefer comments to stay on my blog posts or in personal emails rather than on my static pages. It starts looking messy after a while.

Thirdly… Goodwill haul pictures! I didn’t take pictures of two garments, but you’ll see them later.

First, a dress that I plan to give a tiny makeover:

I’m going to shorten it to just above the knee, and add buttons. I bought it solely for the back cutout. LOVE. ($3.50)

Next, one of the most amazing skirts I’ve ever found. I already did the mini-makeover on this one, but if you think it’s a good idea I’ll do a tutorial on how to redo the elastic in a skirtwaist. It’s quite easy, and perfect if you’ve snapped up a skirt like this one that needs a smaller waist.

I am so in love with the print on this skirt. The elastic in the waist was so ridiculously old and stretched that I was able to wrap it around my waist TWICE and still have some left over. I mean, I do have a small waist, but still. And since it was $3.99, it was definitely worth buying and replacing the elastic!

And then there are the brooches I found. I still can’t believe I found so many good ones! Does anyone look for brooches any more?

1. Fish($2.99) 2. Frog($3.99)
3. Leaves($4.99) 4. Flowerspray($2.50)


The last one is so sparkly that my camera refuses to focus on it. Annoying. But it’s pretty.

And that fourth one, the flowerspray… it’s stamped “Monet” on the back. I looked up Monet to see if I could f ind where it came from, but so many different things popped up– most of them vintage brooches– that I’m not sure what to make of it. I might have inadvertently stumbled on a vintage buy while picking up  my brooches. Does anyone know about the Monet brand?

And, of course, the skirt I’m wearing in this post is the second skirt I found. The shirt in yesterday’s post is one of the two shirts I bought, and I haven’t photographed the other shirt or the other dress I found…but I like them, so you’ll likely see them quite soon.

One other thing: after I pointed out that I was having skin problems (and you all gave me such good advice!), I remembered hearing very good things about L’Oreal’s Go 360 Clean facewash, which is cheap and comes with a fun scrubby device. I bought their Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser ($4.99 at Target). I’ve used it twice, and already my skin is looking better. I have high hopes for this product.

Normally, I don’t go with things that are targeted for acne, because I have dry skin and acne-treatment washes tend to make my skin even dryer. This cleanser, however, left me feeling only a little bit squeaky (which was expected), but didn’t all-out dry my face to flakes as most cleansers would.Plus, the scrubby thing (I know, I know. There’s a more professional name for it. I don’t care.) was fun to use and seemed to work very well in getting all the makeup out of my pores.

And speaking of pores, one of the claims on the bottle says something about smaller pores after use, and it wasn’t lying. I don’t have particularly large pores on my cheeks, but they’re visible on the apples of my cheeks and after using the cleanser with the scrubby thing, I noticed that my pores were less visible.

I like things that work like they claim to work. Also, it’s more likely I’ll wash my face daily if products are fun to use. And this is definitely a fun product to use. It also has a nice light fragrance, which is a plus for me. I don’t know why, but I hate using cleansers/shampoos/lotions that aren’t scented. I know it might not be great for my skin, seeing as it’s a bit picky, but until I know for sure that it’s the scented products that kill my skin, I’ll continue to get pretty smelly things.

Anyway. I’m  hoping that, if my skin continues to improve as drastically as it did after two uses, I’ll have much clearer skin by the end of the week.  We shall see.

I feel like this post is a bit discombobulated. Sorry about that. 😉

I’ll be trying to go through and post my camping pictures tomorrow or Wednesday.

I hope you are all having a lovely Monday!