In which I climb a tree, discard my shoes, and crave chocolate.

You know, because that’s just what you do in a dress. Right? Anyone? Hmm. Must just be me, then.

I felt like a gypsy in this dress, until I started climbing the tree. Then, I decided that it was “pretend to  be a faerie” time. And also “pretend to be graceful and fail” time. Oh, and also “climb a tree in a dress that has an awkwardly short lining while pretending it’s not awkward,” and “be glad nobody’s home to see you climbing a tree in a dress and almost exposing your bum,” and “accumulate two stubbed toes and one very scraped-up wrist” time.

But now that I’ve taken pictures in this tree, I don’t want to take pictures anywhere else. I love this tree. I am now expert at launching myself into this tree before the ten-second timer goes off on my camera. And I also know that the ground is not as far away as it looks. But that it’s probably not a good idea to jump out of the tree in a dress, because there are little stubby branches that like to catch the hem of said dress.

Like I said: it’s a good thing nobody was home.

At least the pictures turned out pretty, right?

I think that getting up at 2:55am to work boosts my creativity. (Or is that my insanity?)

I am wearing this dress for two reasons: one, I was browsing blogs and came across Clothed Much’s rule-breaking Monday post, which reminded me that as a girl with fuller hips I should really be wearing a dress that accents my waist, not a trapeze dress…and two, I’m lazy and tired and it’s going to be hot and I wanted to wear something that required very little styling, was light, and was comfortable enough to nap in, should the need overtake me.

It’s perfect, right?

I think I could live in this tree.

Except I’d probably end up doing this about fifty times a day:

(That’s me falling. And barely escaping death. (<– that’s me being overdramatic like a girl.)) I probably wouldn’t make the best faerie.

So I’ve been using L’Oreal’s Go 360 Clean for about two weeks now– here’s a reminder of how bad my skin was two weeks ago— and this morning I woke up and decided I wasn’t going to wear foundation.

Yeah, that’s right. I have no foundation on. And I don’t feel like I need foundation. That hasn’t happened in a very long time. Of course, my skin isn’t completely blemish-free yet, but this is the closest it’s been in years. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go eat a Lindor Truffle.

Have a beautiful  Monday!

details: Dress: given to me by a friend, jewelry: too old to remember. Approximate outfit cost: pretty much free.