Dy oe.

So you might have guessed from the title that a few of my keys are still broken. Or you might have just stared at it and wondered what “dy oe” meant… but I like to think that my readers are cleverer than that. I’ve regained most of my keys, although the very important ones, like “a” and “n”  and “f” still refuse to work. You never notice how much you use certain keys until they no longer work.

I’m getting quite proficient at only using my on-screen keyboard when I have to. And also at using words that mostly don’t require my broken keys.

SO. The above is my first 30-for-30 outfit. I’m not fond of day one’s pictures, but oh well. They were taken in a rush and I hadn’t had time to do my makeup or my hair.

I still have camping pictures to share, but those require a bit more explanation than outfit pictures do. (I’m sorry there are so few pictures today! I think I got better ones or day two.)

And now, since my keyboard is driving me batty, I’m going to go.

I hope you’re all enjoying your week!

(details: skirt($2.50) and shirt ($3.99), thrifted; shoes(somewhere around $5), Target.)