Keys, birds, and leopard print.

I know you’re probably waiting in suspense to find out where I went this weekend, but I have some photo-editing I want to do before I tell you, and I haven’t done an outfit post in WAY too long. I miss it.

I found this dress today at a little (slowly-getting-seedy) thrift store for four dollars. And as you all probably know by now (or should), I can’t resist a good twirly skirt (as evidenced by about half the pictures I took today).

It’s also perfect for the weather we’re having (it was 83 degrees today! I half miss the rainy cold weather, half like the heat), because it’s light and airy (and very easy to twirl in. Did I mention?)

I also found this scarf for fifty cents, and while it doesn’t really go with the outfit (and I didn’t wear it but for the pictures), I loved it too much to leave it out. (is it just me, or am I using the parentheses excessively?)

It’s a wonder I didn’t fall over, all the twirling that went on during today’s photoshoot. I’d forgotten how fun it is to take pictures, since I haven’t done a real outfit post in… two weeks? I have my comfort spot for pictures, that’s for sure. I get more animated at home.

(See, it looks better without the scarf. I think my neck is just on the too-short-to-wear-neck scarves side. Not that that stops me…)

Isn’t it one of the most amazing scarves you’ve ever seen? It has no tag, so I don’t know what it’s made of… but… silk, I’m guessing. I love it to pieces. I’ve been grabbing scarves like crazy whenever I see interesting ones, because I really want to integrate them into my wardrobe come fall.

And this may just be my new favorite necklace. My darling Arathi sent me a package in the mail (for my birthday, although that was a few months ago), and this was amongst the beautiful things she sent. I adore it to no end! It’s perfect. Speaking of Arathi, you all should go over and give her some love. She’s just started doing outfit posts, and she’s SO lovely. (Actually, scratch that. She’s downright gorgeous.)

Am I the only one who longs for fall weather? I’ve been seeing some of my favorite bloggers do fall wishlists, and it makes me wish that days like yesterday, which were rainy and gray, would stay around. Of course, they’ll soon be here and it’ll feel like forever (Washington’s rain is notoriously gloomy and everlasting, so they say), and I’ll be wishing for summer again.

I really miss wearing tights, and being able to layer without feeling stifled, and wearing scarves without getting a sweaty neck. I can’t wait for fall to settle in!

Oh! I suppose I ought to mention that my new keyboard arrived in the mail a few days ago. No more on-screen typing! I can finally buckle down and answer all of your lovely comments, respond to emails, comment on other blogs, and generally go about my business without wanting to smash my entire computer.

The new keyboard was designed to be spill-resistant. It’s perfect for me. 😉

As a somewhat of a side-note, I  might have to cut to three or four posts a week, simply because work and life in general has been absolutely crazy, and I no longer have all day to get my posts done. I’ll do my best to post as much as I can, but you might be seeing less of me in the future.

I hope you are all having a beautiful week!

Dress($4), scarf($0.50), and belt($0.99), thrifted; shoes($8 ish), Target; necklace, gift. Approximate outfit cost:$13.49