Mad Men Inspired

I’ve been watching Mad Men lately. Can you tell? I have to warn you, this post might be picture heavy because I LOVE this dress. I just bought it. It needed to be excessively photographed.

I’m going out to dinner with a friend later today, and I am definitely going to wear this. Although perhaps without the fur wrap, because it’s a bit hot out for that.

But seriously. Isn’t it gorgeous? The dress AND the fur. Which, yes, is real. I think it’s badger.

I could walk around like this all day. Well, until my feet started to hurt because these heels are stinkin’ tall.

I really don’t have much to say today. I’m going to play volleyball before I go out to dinner (not in this, obviously) and that starts like… now. So I’m a little anxious to go play. I love volleyball.

I’ve recorded a tutorial for this makeup, so if you’re interested to see how it’s done (it’s quite easy), let me know and I’ll post it on Tuesday.

I’m off to play volleyball! Have a lovely Wednesday!

Details: Dress ($13.98), JC Penney; Fur($12), vintage thrifted; Heels ($20), Target; Earrings and watch, gift; Ring ($2), Icing; Purse, inherited. Approximate outfit cost: $47.98