In which I am just slightly scandalous. And also nerdy.


So I’ve had my shirt tied like this– with the exception of at work, where it was tucked in and belted– all day. Through antique-store browsing and thrift browsing while I waited for my check to come in to work, through lunch, through… the pictures, obviously. And I didn’t really realize that I had a bit of skin showing until I got done taking pictures and noticed… y’know… scandalous things.

Oh well.

It’s not like I’m flashing boobs or anything. It’s just a little upper-belly skin.

This is my contribution to the world of scandalous fashion.

I know. I’m falling fast.

So I bought this shirt for the sole reason of the telephone box on it.  Because it reminded me of Doctor Who, even though that’s a police box and blue.  And then I got it home and realized two things: one, it’s a child’s shirt (which would be why it’s too short on me, eh?) and two, it’s Miley Cyrus.

We’re going to pretend you didn’t read that.

And also we’re going to pretend you don’t know that I really don’t mind Miley Cyrus at all. (please don’t kill me. You don’t know anything.)

I should also admit that when I went to Goodwill under the vow to just look and not actually buy anything, I bought these shoes. And a scarf. And two sweaters. And also a dress.

But that’s down from the 60+ items I tried on, and the 10+ items I wanted to take home.

I had some fun with posing today. And with jumping. And with… just generally being a dork.

Exhibit A: dork showing off her new coral shoes.

Exhibit B: Jumping with no imagination whatsoever. Jumping in heels is harder than you might think.

Exhibit C: Jumping with a pose in mind. It didn’t quite work, but whatever. These are better than the first jumping pictures I tried.

And, finally, Exhibit D: I have absolutely no idea. Dancing? Bowing? You decide.

I have decided that I need lipstick to match my shoes.

The dog says hi.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Friday!

I have the weekend off. Whatever shall I do with myself? (Star Wars Marathon? I think yes.)

Details: Shirt($0.99), and shoes ($5.99), thrifted; skirt($22.80), Forever 21; Earrings ($$0.66), Icing. Approximate outfit cost: $30.44