This is my workout face.

I have always been quite self-conscious about my butt and thighs, so it is a big deal when I say that I really like this outfit. I’ve never liked myself in shorts or jeans, because it highlights my butt and my thighs, whereas skirts tend to camouflage what I consider to be my problem areas.

I credit the cardigan for part of the camouflaging done here, though, since it’s designed to fall gracefully in the front and creates a straighter, more flattering line visually.

But exciting news! My family (aka mom, dad, and I) signed up for a membership to the YMCA today. This means I may become the woman with the magical shrinking thighs, and you… um… well… you can just be amazed.

And before you jump on the “you don’t need to lose any weight!” train, know this: I am 20lbs heavier than the ideal weight for my height, and I really need to exercise to strengthen my heart. Because it beats faster than it should, which means I have very little stamina and it’s a lot harder for me to sustain physical activity because in five minutes’ time, I’m gasping and my heart is pounding. So this exercising thing is good for me. Very good.

I’m excited. And I have the feeling that I’m going to be amazing at the whole being healthy thing.


Okay, so I should probably be honest and say I had chips for breakfast.

I’m going to the gym later today with my parents (to get our pictures taken, woohoo!), so I didn’t want to overdo the makeup.

For those of you that want to copy this look (because I’m quite fond of it), it’s incredibly easy: Step 1. Apply foundation; Step 2. Apply light blush; Step 3. Take your blush brush, dab it in your blush, and apply it to your eyelids; Step 4. lightly pat your mascara wand against your upper eyelashes, especially the outer corners; Step 5. put on some bright lipstick, and boom. You’re done. (Oh, I also did my eyebrows. Forgot about that.)

And am I the only one who gets a little giddy over freckles? Because I’ve noticed that mine have been standing out a lot lately, and I LOVE them.

(P.S. if you’re wondering about the different shirt in the makeup pictures… I was cold this morning when I put on my face.)

You should all be extremely jealous of my owl necklace.

And my ability to match my rings to my fingernail polish without even noticing.

And my shoes.

I’m off to buy workout clothes. Because, surprise surprise, I don’t have any. And I should probably get some better tennis shoes, seeing as how I’ll be doing the Couch to 5k program which… y’know… requires running. In shoes.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Details: Shorts(I don’t remember), thrifted; shoes, too old to know; Cardigan ($10.80), JC Penney; Camisole ($6), Target.