The Blue Giraffe

Today was one of those days where I decided to change five minutes before I left for church– I have a dress that I love, but which I find hard to style. Mainly because none of my shoes really go with it, and it irks me. I had planned to wear that dress today– and I had it on and was all ready to go– but then last-minute decided that I needed to wear these shoes again, and I wanted to be incredibly colorful. Thus… the giraffe skirt and my new favorite shirt.

I didn’t take very many pictures of this outfit (I took a ton of the other one), because I’m headed to a bridal shower and I’m going to go a little more casual than this (I have no idea what the dress code is for this particular shower, so… I’ll go a little less. Plus, it’s a little too warm to wear belts today. Am I the only one who gets really hot when I wear belts around my waist? Yes? Oh. Kay.)

I think I’ll throw on an above-the-knee dress, some comfy flats, and keep the jewelry. Shower-appropriate, yet cool enough for the 80-degree weather we’re having right now.

Also, am I the only one who finds it odd when people don’t dress a little nicer for bridal showers and weddings? I’ve been to both where people show up in jeans and tees. Weddings. For real. Jeans and tees. (My middle brother’s wedding, to be specific. It was odd.) I’m going to require that people show up at my wedding in formal attire. Suits and ties for the men, cocktail dresses or gowns for the women. Because really, when do you ever get a chance to go all out nowadays (especially in America) except at weddings?

I love my skirt. It’s surprisingly hard to style– with the color, you’d think (or I would think) that it would be relatively neutral and go with everything, but that’s not true. It generally only goes with bright colors, and I can’t seem to figure out other ways to wear it.

And yes, while you just saw these shoes, you DID need another picture of them.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Details: Skirt ($4.99), belt ($0.99), and shoes ($5.99), thrifted; shirt ($6.08), JC Penney; earrings and ring ($2 each), Icing. Approximate outfit cost: $22.05