Foiled again.

 I really wanted to do a fun, weird, random photoshoot today involving a dark red sheet as the backdrop, a full-face mask, and a 1950’s style dress, but then I realized that my camera’s batteries  need to be recharged.

That, and I really don’t feel like doing my hair and makeup. It’s my day off. I get lazy.

So instead, you can have a gander at my outfit from yesterday. I took these right after I got off work– and no, I did not wear these boots to work… although I would have liked to.

Because they are rather amazing. I’ve worn them three or four times since I bought them, and that was last week.

You’ve seen this dress already, too, albeit worn as an actual dress and not as a skirt. I was iffy on whether I’d actually wear it or not, but lo… I’ve worn it two times already. It’s a very versatile print.

And you know… I’ve worn everything in this outfit– except the accessories– in the past seven days. That’s remixing for you. I tend to stick with a few loved items for a while before I get tired of them and find different items to wear over and over again.

Awkwardly, my brother’s roommate (who lives in the split apartment upstairs) got home as I was taking these pictures, and I felt really self-conscious after that. And then my camera died. So I didn’t get good detail shots of my earrings or the boots, but you’ve seen the boots up close recently so you’ll live. Right?

I hope you are all having a lovely day! I’m going to make myself some tea and watch Murphy’s Law (Why, oh why does my library only have season one? Why???), or possibly write more of that story I shared with you yesterday.


Details: Shirt ($2.50), dress ($4.99), and boots ($12.99), thrifted; scarf and belt, gifts from faraway friends; ring and earrings (not shown, $2 each), Icing. Approximate outfit cost:  $24.48

P.S. Is it really weird that I would like to smell like a man? Because I would.