Feels like fall

 I don’t have much to say today. I have a friend over (she’s watching me. It’s weird) and we’re going to do a photoshoot with vintage/Victorian-esque dresses.

My mom made me another hat. And I love it.

She says if anyone would like a hat, she’ll make (and sell) you one. For $12. 😉 So let me know!

Ah, I almost forgot! I’ve started a new (and easier) challenge: an owl a day. As you probably noticed, I have a lot of owls. And since I wear them almost all the time anyway, I figured it’d be fun to incorporate all the owls I own into outfits or posts (some of them aren’t wearable.)

And I’m off! I forgot to do a pricing picture, but the skirt, shirt, and boots are thrifted, the belt was sent to me by Arathi, the ring is from Target, and the cardigan is from JC Penney. My brother bought me the scarf. And, as you know, my mom made the hat.

Have a lovely Thursday!