Nature Girl

 I think the only thing I will miss about the old house when we move is this tree. This tree is fantastic for photoshoots, whether I’m using it to pose with, or as a prop for my camera to sit on. The back yard is beautiful as well, and the driveway has been quite handy. There isn’t as much privacy at the new house– it’s in a neighborhood– so I’ll have to either get over my shyness of being seen photographing myself, or find more creative and sneaky ways to do photoshoots where nobody can see me.

Or perhaps I will get brave and scout out locations that aren’t at my house. There is a graveyard close, and also the waterfront.

And I think you all should be impressed that I got up into this tree in seven seconds (the time it takes for the shutter to start clicking) without killing myself. In heels.

Although I did have a lot of awkward faces when I was looking at the camera, due to my trying to concentrate on not falling out of the tree.

I have now discovered the amazing comfort of leggings. I need more sweaters to wear over these babies, because I do not want to wear pants ever again. Leggings are amazing. I don’t know why I  never tried them before. Other than the fact that I thought long sweaters looked odd on me. But they look so much better over leggings. AH! I love these.

Another thing I love? This sweater. I have to admit, I’ve sort of been living in this sweater since I bought it on Saturday. It is the best sweater EVER.

In other news, the sun was trying to eat my head. I think out of all my owls, I like these the least. That’s not to say I don’t like them– how I could I dislike them? They’re owls!– but they’re not really my favorite. This is actually the first time I’ve worn them, and I’ve had them for at least two months.

I’m actually a little surprised that I like this sweater so much, given that it’s a very western/American Indian print, and I’m not really into that style of clothing. Or decorating. Or anything. But there’s something about this particular sweater that appeals to me. It could be that it’s warm. And comfortable. And colorful. Because if an item is all three of those things, it’s almost irresistible. (Add in shiny and owls, and I’m sold.)

 I may have decided that during the owl-a-day challenge, I will blog Monday-Friday, because otherwise I lose interest too quickly. Challenges need to be consistent with me, and I don’t really like having a backlog of pictures to show you. You all know how that goes. I tend to forget to show you the backlogged pictures in favor of current ones. So we’ll see.

I hope you are all having a good Monday! I’m going to get back on packing and cleaning.

Not that I really ever was legitimately ON doing that… but… I should get to it.