If you turn your head any further, you’ll break your neck.

In full disclosure, this is not what I wore today until about an hour ago. I had this dress on most of the day, and while I wasn’t very fond of the way I had styled it, I got stared at by pretty much everyone in the grocery store– and one old man turned his head and watched me until I was completely behind him.

It was weird. It made me feel like maybe I had something on my face.

So I think these pictures prove that my summer tan had no intention of staying. Not that I really had a summer tan (I did have tan-lines, if you can believe it), and not that I care. I decided, after getting said tan lines, that I really prefer being pale. Especially  now that I have the red hair. It just makes me happy.

I find it impossible to not throw leaves right now, if you hadn’t noticed.

And here I am picking a hair off my tongue. Photogenic, eh?

This is why I always look at the jewelry counter at thrift stores. I’ve been looking for a big owl like this for AGES, and I finally found one today! AH! I was elated.

I’ ve run out of things to say. I only had three (or less) hours of sleep last night, and I opened at work this morning. Suffice it to say my brain really hasn’t worked properly all day.

I turned in circles a lot.

Things are hard to find when you’re sleep-deprived. Especially if they’re sitting in plain sight.