Broken Skeptics

So… hmm. Yeah. I really don’t have much to say today. I have a headache and I’m a bit tired from working all week, moving, unpacking, cleaning, running errands, etc… so… uhm…  yes.

I wore this with a grandma sweater.

No, really. It’s a sweater that belonged to my grandma. And it is the most comfortable sweater I have ever worn, and I love it even if it IS white and I’m prone to spilling things.

So this is the back deck of our new house. Well, the house we’re living in. It’s not technically ours. We’re renting. That’s not what my point was going to be. *ahem* I felt extremely awkward taking pictures today because we live in a neighborhood, which means that there are, you know, neighbors. Who, I presume, can see out of the windows and may have wondered what I was doing standing there looking down at my feet. And into their windows.

Speaking of the house, by the way, our plumbing has been sort of fixed, so we can use it again. No more septic waste draining into the garage and driveway.

Every time I go to type “septic” I end up typing “skeptic”. So, you know. I type “our skeptic broke, but it’s working now,”
and then I giggle.

Because the thought of a broken skeptic is funny. (Is that just me? Oh. Okay. Shut up. I’ve been up too long.)

I’m going to go eat junk food and waste my time watching something frivolous. Or writing something frivolous (*coughvampirescough*). And possibly drink tea.

Have a beautiful Thursday!