Farm Girl

I feel very, very farm-girl-esque today. I don’t know what it is about this outfit, but something about it just makes me think of… a farm.

Interesting fact about me (maybe, or maybe it’s a boring fact): I grew up on a farm. We didn’t have a lot of animals– just chickens, dogs, cats, and brothers– but it was a farm nonetheless. We had a garden (I remember corn and tomatoes, mostly), a little orchard full of apples, and bears that would sleep in the grass in our front yard.

This neighborhood is the closest thing I’ve gotten to city living. And it further cements my desire to live in the country, because I went out to take my outfit pictures and oh my goodness our backyard neighbors had the audacity to be doing their dishes at 8:30 in the morning. In their window. Facing my photographing spot. The nerve.

And anyway, who does their dishes at 8:30am? Not me. I do my dishes at never’o’clock, and my cleaning at ha!yearightam.

If you’re wondering what’s up with the weird posing… the sun was trying to eat my head. Again.

So I have a somewhat random question for you all: what do you think of your knees?

You see, I have friends (male and female) who think that women have weird knees. I know lots of women who hate their knees. And I have never understood this. I think knees are perfectly fine parts of the anatomy, and it’s just unfair how much hate they get for being themselves.

I actually like my knees. They work, most of the time… unless I sit cross-legged for too long and then they join in protest with my hips and render me incapable of walking like anything but a spastic freak for about two minutes… and also, my knees have freckles on them. And you should know by now that I have a love for anything with freckles.

So… er… yes. I think we’ll stop that thought right there before things get weird. Or did they already get weird?

There. That should make things… more… awkward…


Er… SO!

I think I’ll leave you now. Because I’m feeling weird, and you really don’t want to be traumatized.

But before I leave, I need your help: see, I love doing tutorials, but I have no idea what to do next. And you, my readers, can be in control of what I post in my makeup tutorials. Find me a picture, tell me a look you want to see, and I’ll make a list. It can be crazy, it can be normal, it can be anything but a look involving fake eyelashes (because I’m crap at putting those on). I am completely at your mercy for tutorials.

I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!