I buy childrens’ books because I am cool like that.

Other things that make me cool: 1.) This hat. You are jealous of this hat. And if you aren’t, then you should be.

2.) My ability to make you a coffee in one minute and fifty-four seconds. Ordering and transaction included. BOOYAH. Eat THAT, suckah! Or… drink it.. seeing as if you were able to eat it there’s probably something wrong…

 3.) Posing:

 Mad skillz, yo.

I don’t know why I’ve suddenly become gangsta. Maybe it’s the hat. Or the fact that I got up at 2:50am. Or possibly the 4 shots of espresso I consumed.

 Whatever the case, you should probably just ignore the words in this blog post and continue to admire my hat. Have I mentioned that I love my hat? Because I do. It is the best head adornment I have ever had. First of all because it’s an antique, second because it’s mad-hatter esque, and third because it has a peacock feather in it.

Although to be honest, the peacock feather was my own addition.

I look down my nose at all you hatless people, because you are bereft and your lives are incomplete without a head-topper as awesome as mine.

I also quite like my hair today. I’ve grown used to my bangs, and they’re less… sproingy than they were the first few days after I’d snipped them. I do wake up with epic bed hair, though.

Can you tell I really like this outfit? I took like a bajillion and forty pictures of it. And they all turned out good. But I won’t subject you to all bajillion and forty of them. Because I love you.

Well, I’m distantly quite fond of you. Love might give you too many ideas.

 My brother doesn’t like my hat. He says it looks like something you wear to an engagement party or a wedding. So really, I think he just doesn’t like fact that his baby sister is suddenly grown-up enough to look like she could be engaged or getting married.

 My dad refuses to acknowledge that I ever got older than seven.

 As I was taking detail shots, I thought “you know, it would be really awkward if our Jehovah’s Witness back-yard neighbor came out of his house and spotted me taking a picture of my boob area…”

I mean, how do you nonchalantly walk away after having taken a picture of your chest?

 Although I suppose that’s better than the fact that I keep forgetting my window faces the street and my blinds aren’t closed before I start undressing. I usually remember just in time.


So, if you were wondering about the blog title, yes. I do buy childrens’ books. For myself. (Also, I can’t figure out whether that should be “childrens’ ” or “Children’s”. Probably the latter. But I’m too lazy to change it.) Without any intention of ever giving them to children.

I just bought this one:

because it was a dollar, and the illustration was adorable.

And I don’t regret it one bit. It’s a delightful little book, with quotes like this

“Joseph, known to everyone as Jop (for this is what Sir Bertie had written on the document at his son’s baptism, finding ‘Joseph’ a bit too hard to spell), was a fine upstanding lad, and was said to have inherited nearly all his father’s intelligence. This, people felt, would explain why Sir Bertie had so little left himself.”

And this:

” ‘Nonsense!’ screeched Lady Priscilla. ‘Have you ever seen a dragon?’

Sir Jasper wondered whether he should tell her he’d married one, but restrained himself.”

It is my new favorite book.

 And the very last thing: I have written today, but I wrote it all at work so right now it just looks like this:

 So… yes. I’m not sure how many words I’ve written.

And I know. My handwriting is very glamorous. 😀

Here’s a little quote. I wrote this last night.

I tripped lightly forward, wondering why excitement pulsed through me, why my reluctance faded, feeling my senses grow tense with the overload of information. I felt alive, if one in my state could feel such a thing; like a memory of life, my veins seemed to run with blood, my heart felt aflutter with anticipation, my lungs expanded and contracted of their own mind. The migraine that had overcome me a few moments before had become a high, intense pressure that blended with my surroundings, not painful, but dizzying.

In that moment, bursting into the dark and life-filled bar, I felt I could have flown.

Tomorrow and Forever

I hope you all have a beautiful week! I may be a little awol this week, because I have a friend coming to visit me for nine days. So if I suddenly disappear until the eighth, don’t worry. I haven’t died.

Or maybe I have.